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Jensen is a great place to visit. The beaches are close to everything else in the town. Downtown Jensen provides a great night life scene on the water and provides great restaurants.
I grew up in Jensen Beach. I absolutely love it here. If you are moving into this area then you will love it too!
It is a very quiet, slow moving beach town. Most places are closed by 9pm and rarely anything major happens. We do, however, have a pineapple festival every year. Who doesn’t like pineapples?
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Jensen Beach has been an incredible place to spend my highschool experience. The area is absolutely stunningly beautiful, and incredibly safe and well cared for.
Jensen Beach is a very well-rounded town. It is kind of small and lacks a large population. However, Jensen Beach also contains high-quality shopping centers and a variety of restaurants. As it is also on the Atlantic coast, this town also boasts a clean and beautiful beach.
Jensen Beach is the best city to live, has the best schools, is safe everyone can be happy with this community . Has the best beaches, shopping and food places. Our son has the best friends in this community, beautiful and good people, to us is the best city to live our retirement.
This is an amazing little town hidden in the treasure coast of Florida. Residents here are so friendly and welcoming! You can find the best seafood at the historic downtown area or go to the local mall for the latest trends. This small ton has the best of both worlds!
Jensen Beach is the perfect place to live. There are rivers all over the place and many beaches to visit. There is so much to do such as bowling, going to the mall, eating out, and fishing. Jensen Beach High School is an award winning High School and an excellent place to attend.
It's a simple town overall. It isn't very large and it doesn't have much going for it in regards to food or entertainment. Most restaurants here are bland and forgettable and there isn't much else to do here.
I was born and raised in Jensen Beach, FL. I attended private school till high school, and then transferred to public school for high school. During my high school years, I was never treated poorly or experienced bullying. It is a quiet beach town so night life is not that exciting, but there are plenty of little restaurants to watch live bands play and a few fun bars to visit. Great place to grow up.
Jensen Beach is a model town. Plenty of restaurants and fun things to do, you never get bored. Beautiful beaches and friendly people!
As I live in Jensen Beach and have for my whole life it is an average place to live. The reason that my parents decided to live here is because Martin County has some of the best schools in the state but that makes it so we have to live in an apartment instead of our own home.
Great opportunities here. Every store or shop you could think of is in close range. Jensen Beach has a very nice selection of homes to choose from at different prices. Many activities are available also like gyms, beaches, shopping stores, restaurants, and more.
I grew up in Jensen Beach. It's a wonderful, quaint seaside town (1 miles from the ocean!) There is a wonderful downtown area, lots of great restaurants. The schools are VG in rating. Housing from various prices can be found. It's a great, undiscovered town that older homes could use renovation. Beyond that, a beautiful little town.
Love the beach vibe . Kinda small of a town . Cute restaurants and activities. Close to main things , no jobs though .
Excellent small-town feel with great schools, and beach access. The housing is not incredibly affordable, but it's worth saving up for. I recommend Jensen for anyone who would like to retire or raise a family.
Jensen Beach is a beautiful city. The beaches are very nice and there are plenty restaurants downtown. Since its located right next to the beach its always lovely to dine outside.
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I love Jensen Beach. It is such a cute little town. I've lived here for almost 5 years. The beaches are always so pretty. And the restaurants are amazing.
Jensen Beach is beautiful family-friendly town. It is a great town to live and vacation. Citizens live within 15 minutes of the beach and the local schools, that are rated very well.
The town of Jensen Beach is a beautiful place to live with so many opportunities. The schools, jobs, activities, and lifestyles are all supported here. The only thing i can think of that could be changed is the cost of living for single parents who work full time and go to school full time. It is just not affordable. This population is on the rise and we all want to be a part of this community.
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