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Jefferson Township
  • Town in Arkansas

Report Card

grade C
Overall Niche Grade
  1. Public Schools
    grade unavailable
  2. Crime & Safety
    grade unavailable
  3. Housing
    grade unavailable
  4. Nightlife
    grade C minus
  5. Good for Families
    grade unavailable
  6. Diversity
    grade B
  7. Jobs
    grade C minus
  8. Weather
    grade B
  9. Cost of Living
    grade A
  10. Health & Fitness
    grade C+
  11. Outdoor Activities
    grade unavailable
  12. Commute
    grade C minus


Jefferson Township is located in Arkansas with a population of 658. Jefferson Township is in Sevier County. In Jefferson Township, most residents own their homes. Many families live in Jefferson Township and residents tend to be conservative.


Real Estate

Median Home Value
Median Rent
No data available  
Area Feel
No data available  
Rent vs. Own
  • Rent
  • Own
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Crime & Safety

Crime & Safety
grade unavailable
Based on violent and property crime rates.
Violent Crimes
  • Calculated annually per 100,000 residents
  • Assault
    No data available  
    national  282.7
  • Murder
    No data available  
    national  6.1
  • Rape
    No data available  
    national  40.7
  • Robbery
    No data available  
    national  135.5
Property Crimes
  • Calculated annually per 100,000 residents
  • Burglary
    No data available  
    national  500.1
  • Theft
    No data available  
    national  2,042.8
  • Motor Vehicle Theft
    No data available  
    national  284


grade B
Based on ethnic and economic diversity.
Data Not Available
Education Levels
  • Master's degree or higher
    national  12%
  • Bachelor's degree
    national  20%
  • Some college or associate's degree
    national  29%
  • High school diploma or equivalent
    national  27%
  • Less than high school diploma
    national  12%

Working in Jefferson Township

grade C minus
Based on employment rates, job and business growth, and cost of living.
Median Household Income

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