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Weather sucks in the winter, but very beautiful and pleasant any other time. People seem to be nice, but there is some racism. I have lived here 14 years and pretty much stay to myself. It could be my fault for not wanting to meet new people. My neighbors seem to mind there own business, which is good. I personally love it here.
My one neighbor builds houses for a living. All of the houses in my neighborhood look the same. Some of the houses are two stories while other houses are one story. My house is a one story house. It's ok but I wish I had an upstairs. I've always pictured waking up and coming downstairs for breakfast but I never had that opportunity.
Every time someone goes away in the neighborhood, they usually either ask one of the neighbors or they ask one of the relatives. I know that when my family would go away we would ask our neighbors to take care of our outside dog. For our inside dog, we would take him to a relatives house. Everyone pitches in to help each other out. However we have a neighbor who has a swimming pool and our other neighbor has a hot tub. Every time that those two families go away our other neighbors who don't participate in helping everyone out, use the swimming pool and hot tub without asking permission. I think it is wrong of them to do it because they do it every single time that the two families go out of town. In there eyes they don't think they are doing anything wrong by using the pool and hot tub. In everyone else's eyes it's wrong and they shouldn't be doing it.
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I don't live in the city. I don't really know what's going on, unless I watch the news which I rarely do. However I live 10 minutes away from Summit Academy. There have been a few kids who have escaped from there but they get caught. The last time kids escaped from there was last year during the summer. Luckily they were caught but they were in the field behind my house one night.
Nothing has really changed in my neighborhood. There is all kind of things being built in Butler
moved here with parents as minor, like the school district like the open spaces/farms. Like people know each other- small town atmosphere
In the three and a half years that I have lived in this area I haven't seen a better place for low crime rates. I definitely will miss this if I ever move somewhere else.
Wanting a small atmosphere I couldn't have found a better place.
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