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I love where I live and I love corn fields.
I would never choose to live in this area. While it is family friendly, if you live in the wrong area the schools are of very low quality. There are newer businesses moving in downtown, but it is questionable as to whether or not they will stay open long.
Many of the police officers are from the small town that I am from, so there are many instances of so called "conflict of interest." There are a lot of instances of drunk driving here, because of all the back roads. I would not recommend driving on the back roads past 12am if possible.
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The weathers where I live can be brutal, but the spring, fall, and summer is great and very enjoyable. There are not many severe storms. These only happen on occasion, but can and have caused damage.
The bars here are very spread out, and have reputations for being sub par when it comes to price specials, music, environment and so on.
I know many families that are very satisfied with their jobs, and have held them for most of their lives in this area.
Within five minutes of my home there are virtually no stores besides gas stations. Within 25 minutes there are grocery stores and other retail shops.
It's a small town so the police officers are well known and visible. There are instances of crime but the authorities take care of them and overall I feel very safe.
Road construction is planned at the wrong time of the year and takes forever when it is being worked on.
Since it is Indiana, the weather changes a lot throughout the week or even the day so you will want to own a lot of layering options.
There seem to be a lot of teachers in the area, and a lot of people who live in new haven work in fort wayne.
I love Salvatori's. It's by far my favorite restaurant and the one in New Haven is really close to my house.
The little shops around town are very nice but there are definitely some things that you need to go into fort wayne to get.
The food choices in Fort Wayne are pretty good. They range from your typical McDonald's to great, little family diners.
The fire and police stations are close and the public services, such as road management are fine.
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