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I like that it is a small town. We only have one stoplight. Almost everyone know each other. We have a really small Walmart. Everything is shut down by 11pm. I love it in the spring time when almost everyone is at the ball fields.

I think we need more fun things to do. Like maybe a bowling alley or an arcade.
We have a public pool and a city park. They just remodeled the park which is really nice.

We have a have a Huckleberry festival every forth of July but it is the cruise night that is the biggest event of the year.
Jay is an excellent town. The people are welcoming. This town loves it's people and is proud to celebrate their accomplishments.
Jay is a lovely small town which is good for raising kids and developing families. It has a strong bond as a community, and is a relatively quiet and safe place. Although it is a nice place, the town is not really developing.
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The town of Jay Oklahoma is a small town and not all but most of the people are kind and friendly. Majority of the town teenagers and few adults are druggies. Almost everybody knows everybody. There are "yee" yee" trucks everywhere and everybody thinks their truck is the baddest of the bad. Sonic or Subway parking lots are the main "hangout" areas and majority of the cops love to pick on all the teenagers. Jay high school! The only way to be "known" around the school is to have money or be a "star" athlete. If you are either one of those you can do whatever you want on the campus and never and i mean never get in trouble. The worse thing that could happen is probably detention and even then you wouldn't have to stay the full time. I went to the school from kindergarten to my sophomore year in high school I know what its like.
Jay holds the County Seat for Delaware County. I like that the town is small and you can walk everywhere if you do not have a car. The school is literally next door to the chicken plant. The smell on occasion is bad, but most days you would not notice that we even had a chicken plant in town.
The town has a public pool and park. There is not much else for kids or teenagers to do. There are good neighbors around. They will help you anyway they can. The churches are amazing in the work they do in the community. If you need help, you can find help.
The school is excellent. They do try to stop bullying, but kids are cruel. There are very caring teachers that want their students to succeed and go to college or vocational school.
All in all, this is a very small town with an excellent Police Department, school, churches, and neighbors.
Family town with lots of churches. Public education. Great place to grow up and a great place to raise a family. I have lived in Jay most of my life and my roots. Lots of very talented people came from Jay Oklahoma.
Jay is a small town that is OK to live in. There is nothing to do there for family fun, a person has to travel to be able to do anything fun (example 11 miles to the Grove to watch a movie). The school district stinks - the administration is out for themselves, and not worried about student learning. For most part little to no crime in the town.
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