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Jasper is a very small lowly populated town about 30 minutes outside of Chattanooga! In my opinion it’s not a place worth living unless you’re well off and can afford to live on Jasper Highlands. Also, there is nothing to do for fun and Most of the houses are old!
The area has a very low crime rate, which allows me to feel comfortable raising my family in the area. I would love to see more family friendly entertainment added to the area, such as a youth center or YMCA.
Wonderful country town. The community of people always come together and work with each other. Friendly, enjoyable place to raise a family.
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There isn't much to do in Jasper. There is little to none regarding entertainment. We have a common grocery store. For those who choose to go to Walmart for more diversity in products, you'll need to make a commute to the town over.
Growing up in the small town of Jasper, TN, was excellent when I was very young. The town is small, low crime, elementary school was good for me. The only thing I would change is getting out a little more to be exposed to different kinds of people, lifestyles, cities, etc.
There are plenty of small shops here.
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