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Jarrettsville is pretty boring, there is not much to do unless you drive to another area such as Bel Air. It is pretty rural, there are a few neighborhoods but there are also a lot of people with farms. Overall it is a nice, quiet place to live if a slow paced life is what you are looking for.
I have lived on N. Bend rd. For some and it has been a fabulous place to live,love the Family shops,we lookout for each other! Rocks State Park is a hop,skip and a jump from home! I highly recommend Jarrettsville!
There are so many great things about Jarrettsville. It’s a small town close to big attractions. If you’ve ever wanted to own a horse or chickens then you’ve found the perfect town. If you want to be close to great shopping and healthcare without the hustle and bustle of city life then you’ve found the perfect town. There are great people, excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and the convenience of being close to numerous metropolitan areas including Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia. You can have it all in Jarrettsville.
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Been living here my whole life, the only major downfall is that there's not any stores within walking distance and since it's not a neighborhood area there's nothing but roads.
Excellent location with easy commuting to Baltimore area and Southern PA. Close to a library and elementary school but in a truly rural community. The school district includes one of the best middle and high schools in the county.
Its great, lots of smaller sweet shops that are family owned. People are very nice and some of the views are amazing depending on where you are.
Jarrettsville is a small town that I have lived in off and on for most of my life. I have found that it is a great place to start and raise a family but, if you are looking for excitement and opportunity look elsewhere. There is not really anything to do other than farm and farm oh and farm some more. The conservative mind set in this town and the surrounding area I often find stifling and negative and I would not recommend that you move here if you enjoy anything that has to do with entertainment.
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