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Excellent schools for kids, beautiful parks, 2 large hospitals & urgent care. Very friendly people and several stores and grocery stores. Low crime rate also.
I like the houses and lots of tanning options. I really like the people. And the catholic schools are top notch. There are quite a few parks here which are always wonderful. Great place to raise children. Would have a family here
Janesville is a good city but could use some improvements. It is a growing city which means the city is continually updating and building certain areas. I believe I would enjoy Janesville more if there were more activities and events to go to that are geared to a younger teenage audience.
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I am originally from Illinois. I moved to Beloit, Wisconsin first and then moved to Janesville. I am actually liking Janesville more than Beloit and Illinois combined. The people are more diverse and its just a better city to live in as a mother of 3 children.
nothing to do in Janesville. Locals that grew up here have no concept of outside world. Education sucks. The people of the town haven't been educate that you can't have an intelligent conversation with practically anyone. I blame the public schools here. Catholic community is dying if that matter to you. People here after 10 years, still complain about the GMC plant closing. Its closed, get over it ! find another job. Move if you have too. Retail stores closing left and right. Mall is a joke. TO MANY GAS STATIONS !
Borring town of only restaurants. Nothing for kids to do any time of the year, however its overall a safe place to live
The people absolutely SUCK!, I hate everything about this goddamn town. .Backstabbing, fickle, oppressive, rude, cold, thoughtless, judgemental, prejudice, cliquey.
Janesville is a perfect place to live. It is close to many large cities such as Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. There are plenty of activities to do in Janesville and a lot of great local restaurants to check out. It is a safe city and has good schools. I would definitely recommend anyone to come check out Janesville and see what it has to offer.
I have been living in Janesville for almost nineteen years. Nothing has really changed in that time except for the amount of businesses that get built here. There are a lot of job opportunities here because there are so many fast food places and so many other businesses here.
I like the shopping and the fact the most stores are located in one part of town. It is centrally located to bigger cities like Madison, Rockford, and Milwaukee. It would be nice to see Janesville's downtown area have more businesses to make it a cute destination to visit. I would also like to see Janesville bring in more activities for people to do in town other than places to eat.
I love living in Janesville it is so peaceful and quiet, my neighbors are excellent I haven't had a complaint since I have been living out here almost four years. I have a park in front of my house and my four year old daughter loves me. In the summer when spend a lot of time there otherwise she rides her bike in the back of our house.
I moved to Janesville from Michigan 8.5 years ago. This is a wonderful place to raise a family. Neighbors are friendly, there is a strong sense of community, great schools, tons of wonderful parks (the Parks Dept is phenomenal for a city of this size). Janesville doesn't have much upscale retail or dining, but it has everything you need and you have Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago close by.
Janesville is such a great place to grow and to start your own life here. This city has a great education systems from elementary school to high school and even be on high school. When I graduate I will be staying in Janesville and except it education system from UW Rock Country and then to UW Madison. Janesville has more than just a great education system. There are many job opportunities with many new incoming jobs moving to Janesville. Everyday Janesville has become a better society and a place to live. There are so many reasons that shows Janesville is a great city and if you don't believe me. Please come and live here for a couple of months and you will see what a great city it actually is.
Janesville is what we call the land of fast food restaurants, there isn't any local restaurants or businesses here. There are improvements that are being made to our town and it is a decent town, but some of the roads are in poor poor condition. Janesville is a place for a family to grow up in though, it is where my mother grew up and many of my close friends.
Janesville is a really calm and relaxing place. You can go to many parks in the area and go out with friends and family.
Janesville is nice, if you enjoy going on hikes, to the park, or to fast food chains. However, if you want to do anything else, you will more than likely have to go to Madison, WI.
I live in downtown Janesville, and it's not the best. People claim that it's trashy and disgusting. The roads are horrible, and when they do fix the roads it's always at bad times. Once they were doing road in the snow? The people in Janesville aren't very kind, and are terrible drivers.
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Janesville is a great place to live, with a lot of business opportunities. It’s is close to bigger cities such as Madison and Rockford.
its a friendly community no to big great schools very family oriented city of parksnot to much criminal activitieslots of restraunts an very good shopping
Janesville is a great town to be raised in and to raise children. It is a safe town with good schools. Janesville has grown into a diverse town and is developing a strong character. The downtown is undergoing a revival and remodel that I hope brings more ethnic restaurants and storefronts. The only knock on Janesville I have is that there are too many chain stores and restaurants all piled onto one side of town. The traffic in that area is pitiful as a result.
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