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Jamestown is the perfect little city to live in. It is a quiet place in between Greensboro and High Point. There is plenty to do in both of those cities, so living in between gives you the opportunity to do both.
I lived in the Forestdale East subdivision of Jamestown, NC and have great memories there. Jamestown is a nice community for families & retirees. The housing was affordable at the time that I lived there but may be much higher now. The house I lived in was the biggest house I ever owned and it was a fairytale life for me. I highly recommend Jamestown as a place to build your family dreams or just retire to a smaller home. Quiet small city living. Not far from the "big" city Greensboro and the furniture capital of the world High Point. On a negative it may require a long commute to your job as it is a distance from the major job cities. You may get those snow storms every few years or so but what beautiful seasons they have. Awww.
Jamestown is a small town filled with cute stores and restaurants that offer amazing food. While one may not get the big city feeling in Jamestown, it's not too small to where everyone knows your business. I am in communication with my neighbors on a daily basis and everyone is very friendly.
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For the size of this small town it sure packs in a ton of things to do. Night life is always fun and you see all your friends at the amazing Full Moon Oyster bar on a Friday night, catch some live outdoor music at The Deck, or just eat great food at Southern Roots( never had a meal there that was not amazing) The free concerts at the park, yoga, tons of festivals of our local churches and the best Swim and tennis club Cedarwood. Still living in a town where everyone knows everyone else is priceless. And there is like no crime cause the police train here and cops are always out in force. We have our own YMCA and GTCC college as well.
I love Jamestown's quaint atmosphere. I have lived here since I was 14 years old. When I got married and eventually bought a house, we decided to buy in Jamestown. I love raising my children here and the opportunity for fun for adults is great too!!
I love the small town feel, but centralized and convenient location. Jamestown has great restaurants, shops, and events.
Very homey town to live with your family and raise children! very safe area. Mulitple school districts as well.
Quiet, small town comfort. All large stores nearby. People are friendly and helpful. Roads well-paved and cared for.
Jamestown is a quiet and safe place, it has been for the past 10 years I've lived here. Their are safe neighborhoods in Jamestown and has many local parks for everyone to enjoy.
Jamestown is a small town in North Carolina in the triad area. It is in between Greensboro and High Point. It is very small and there are not too many choices in things to do, places to eat, etc. However, there is a cute area downtown Jamestown that has a very nice restaurant (Southern Roots) and a couple of fun bars. One bar, called The Deck, has live music on the weekends and usually has food trucks outside too. It is a lot of fun to go hang out with friends!
Jamestown is a standard small town. Nothing too special, but it has it's own charm. As is typical of a small town, there isn't a load of things to do and it's not going to be the best place to stop for a party. It is, however, a great place for families and is very safe overall.
Jamestown has a quaint little town that is walk-able. A little up and down hills and curves, but a nice town to take walks or runs in. Also, it is a very friendly town.
Not much crime noted to this area.
If I had to choose again I would choose this area again,with no changes in the near future.
I loved living there.I would move back there if the opportunity presented itself.
There is no real threat in this living area. It is very quiet.
The fitness in this area is great! There is a trail near the city park for walking, a gymnasium, and even a gym near the walk-in medical center.
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The is a city park nearby. The park has a pool, boat rides, and other rides for children and adults.
There are several mom-and-pop shops that have been around for years. It is a part of the historic path of Jamestown.
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