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Its a great place the people, township, scenery and Jackson PolarBears on top. Also it has some great sports teams.
Jackson Township is truly a wonderful place to grow up. With highly rated schools, Parks, and Shopping, the area has something to offer everyone.
If not for the cloudy, frequently unpleasant weather, Jackson Township was a slice of suburban heaven.
The amenities there were all great.
I miss it.
Fantastic, schools, library, parks, good shopping, reastaurants.
Excellent police and fire and emergency .
Perfect for families, young proffesionals or retirees.
Lots of activities, good medical care and easy access to Greater Cleveland. Not all that far from Columbus and very close to Ohio Amish country.
Just a great place to live.
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Jackson is absolutely not a great family city! It is a town of not much to do. The neighborhoods may be cheaper than Green, but Green is so much nicer! The people, houses, access to highway, airport, etc
This is a great place to grow up. Small town feel but close to cities too. Jackson High School is the best ever! Go Bears!
Truly an amazing place to grow up, and raise a family in. Has an upper scale feel, with many great places to eat
The police work with you no matter what situation you are involved in, and keep things very cleaned up in terms of crime.
I would love to come back and raise a family in the future in this area. The community is very strong and continues to show increases in many ways.
We are in a very safe part of the city so not real concerns at all.
Sure its on a busy street but overall its a good place to live.
Being in the country, there is not much crime. No one really wants to drive/walk all the way down someone's drive way due to the fact they are usually half a mile or mile long. Also, with being in country everyone knows everyone so no one messes with anyone.
My overall experience would be amazing. I live on the country side of my town. Yes, I did not have any children to play with, but I did have a farm. My parents gave me a my first horse when I was a young girl. So, they taught me life lessons about responsibilities. If I could redo where I live again I would totally live in the country again. It made me who I am today. I would recommend living in the country for everyone. It is an amazing experience. What I see for my area for the future is disaster. The only reason why I would say that is because the country side is slowly going away. More land is being sold for neighborhoods. So, many people will not get to experience the amazingness of living in the country and having space to do whatever you want.
The police have nothing to do in Jackson, so they taunt the people there because they have nothing better to do. Nothing rarely goes on in Jackson, so they pick on you for stupid stuff.
It is a good place to live, with a decent community. Not for me though, people are snobby, and think they are something just because they have money. Politics rule the sports at Jackson. If your parents arent apart of the "click" you are not playing.
Police are responsive and there is no crime in our neighborhood. Everyone looks out for each other which helps outs a lot.
Neighborhood is amazing, and there's plenty to do.
It is a great neighborhood, people get along. Low crime. Close to stores
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great area to live in but business's are failing.
Quiet area nice place to live conveniently located to everything
Very nice area working class people
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