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A wonderful place to attend school. We have an amazing school with amazing teachers and faculty. We may not have the "night life" that some may desire, but we certainly have many things to do and that's good enough for me.
It's a great small-town place to grow up, and is also close to major cities that have a lot of fun cultural things to do. Lots of families here and a nice park.
Jackson is a great place with many opportunities to have fun and give back. Jackson Township is a very diverse area with a great school district. Overall Jackson has been a great place to live in.
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The overall atmosphere of Jackson is extremely friendly and welcoming. The area is true to its community, and is an optimal place to raise children. The school system is one of the best in Ohio, with amazing athletics as well. Jackson has many different amenities, and is a great location. It's close to the Akron-Canton Airport, is only two hours from Columbus, and only an hour from Cleveland!
Close-knit community. Living and working in Jackson has been an incredible experience. There are many local businesses, the schools are great, rated excellent with distinction. The township is large, but there are many neighborhoods that will make it feel smaller and closer.
I love the public school system in Jackson Township. We have so many opportunities for students that teachers and administrators push us to take advantage of. These include a wide range of classes, activities, and outside programs that not every school offers. I feel prepared for college because of my time at Jackson High School.
Great community! many local hangout places for children of any age. the education system is very focus and understanding of different family situations. Would recommend living in this area!
Could not imagine living anywhere else. My absolute favorite place! Everyone is extremely nice and its a great place to keep your head on straight. Very warm and inviting feeling about Jackson and I want this to be where I raise a family someday.
Great schooling and neighborhoods with a low crime rate. Parks and other services are very clean and wealthy. Nice people and overall a great community. Produce great athletes, wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
In the almost 16 years I have lived in this area there has only been one instance of breaking and entering's in our area. They were eventually caught and it was discovered they came from three towns over and they did this in other towns to avoid getting caught locally. I have never felt unsafe in my community.
Small neighborhood town where everyone knows each other. It reminds me of the small towns in old movies, the only major business we have is a tavern, a barber shop, a bank, hardware store, bakery, salon, a couple auto mechanics, a gas station, and five churches. It is really great living in a town and seeing people I went to high school with moving out of their parents house and buying or renting houses still in town.
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