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Crime and Safety has hardly ever been a problem in my town. The reason I have given it a lower rating is because the crime and vandalism in the county as a whole is not as appealing. But as far as my town goes, crime rate is low. The police are not always very visible, but I think that is a good thing. I don't want to walk through town and see police cars everywhere. Although not very visible, police are very responsive and arrive quickly when needed.
My town is a place in which I could live forever. I love the town. There is a winery nearby that always has bands performing and food trucks selling food. There are many nice local businesses, "mom and pop shops", and antique stores around that are fun to shop at. The elementary school in town gets a very high rating by the state of Indiana. The parks are beautiful, and crime and vandalism are very low. The community is very diverse, with people of all ages living there. The little town is in close proximity to a larger town that is useful for larger scale shopping and events. There are festivals and "demolition derbies" every year, along with fresh farmer's markets weekly. In all, Roanoke, IN is one of the best small towns I have ever been to and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
Very little crime in the area
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It is a great place to grow up but for the younger generation of college people it is pretty boring as far as geography for camping and hiking and "big city" things to do.
The area I currently live is great. It's country side and away from many busy roads, and because of that it is quite peaceful. The atmosphere is great because the scenery is breathtaking on most days.
a lil bit o errethang
I go to all of them
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