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Jackson is a very beautiful place with so many great hikes, restaurants and experiences available to make vacation and everyday life a special experience. Jackson's down fall is its traffic. It definitely takes a while to get places during certain times of the day especially if there is construction. Other then traffic, Jackson is a community oriented town where there is always something fun going on.
It's a beautiful town with a lot to do. It can just get a little crowded in the summer and the people can be ignorant. Housing can be a struggle to find. Again, the location is amazing.
Beautiful town, not the easiest place to grow up due to the communities wealth and drug culture but all in all have had a great experience here over the last almost 18 years. One of the most unique places I have ever been with breath taking views everywhere you look.
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Jackson is a great place to be. Many friends to be made and memories to acquire. If, you can afford it.
Residents of Jackson have great quality of life and is never boring. It's beautiful here and the wildlife is really special. However, Jackson is a polarized community in many ways. There are the uber rich and very poor, super conservative and very liberal...There is not much diversity in the resident population and those that are not white, straight, Americans feel some sense of animosity. You'd also think that in such a beautiful place we would be really advanced in our eco-friendliness but not so...You'd be surprised by the amount of pollution in our local streams and the backlash when banning plastic bags came up in the local government. The rest of Wyoming views Jackson Hole as the "California" of Wyoming. Still, I will probably live here the rest of my life and will be happy to do it. There is a great sense of community in spite of some of the issues and you can't beat the National Parks for beauty and recreational opportunities.
Very amazing resort town, had alot of character once. Plenty of service/tourism jobs. Billionaire transplants moved in, and now its Pompous Resort Town, Expensive, Obnoxious & Mediocre. I miss my hometown.
It is a beautiful place to live and a lot of outdoor activities. However, it is incredibly difficult to afford a home or even rent an apartment in town or even the county. There are numerous job opportunities, but it is incredibly difficult to stay here long term, a lot of people that are not incredibly wealthy end up leaving within a couple of years.
Very pretty place to live and grow up, but only if your rich. For the lower class there is almost no housing and it is a very expensive town to live in.
Its a great place where the national parks are your back yard. It a busy summer with the tourist coming through but in the winter you can enjoy the quiet.
Beautiful small town. Very expensive to live if you can even find a place to rent. Lots of jobs, but most are seasonal. Many people work multiple jobs to pay rent. There is a lot of outdoor activities, night life is a bit slow.
I love Jackson, It is a beautiful place to live, with friendly people, great wildlife and has fun outdoor activity year round.
Closest thing to living in a bubble as it comes. Healthy, wealthy, highly educated residents. Outdoor oasis with national parks in every direction & 2 ski resorts within 10 mins. Schools are fairly good. Long, snowy cold winters. No crime at all. Dog friendly. Small town feel. No diversity whatsoever- Hispanic & white, that's it- literally. Won't be buying a house within town limits for any less than 900k unless you go for a 1 bedroom apartment which won't be much cheaper. Super expensive & very VERY low housing availability.
Jackson is a very special western town. It is the perfect place for any outdoor lover. Jobs are seasonal and the cost of living is high, but if one can manage both of these things it is the perfect town to live in.
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