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Small but comfy and accommodating. Great town! Has a lot of potential. The town hall works with you and is very kind. They truly listen to what you have to say. And have fun little festivals. Looking for a quiet and calming neighborhood, Jackson is the place to be.
Jackson is a small country town and you might think its not too bad but for a young teenager it is boring there isnt many recreational things to do most of the activities people attend are out of town and for a much younger population it is boring to live here but to the adult population its nice and quiet and not too much goes on this can either be the worse place ever or the best place to live depending on who you ask
Nothing goes on in such a small town as Jackson
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The general atmosphere for this area is calm and nothing goes on. The education is not the best and if I would have had the chance I would have preferred to go elsewhere. But considering what is given to my students and I, we receive a decent education.
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