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People in Ivins tend to be open minded and welcoming people. This neighborhood is a good place to live for kids to meet new friends and want to attend great schools. I have lived in a few neighborhoods in St. George, Utah but none of them have been as enjoyable as livings in Ivins.
With red rock views to lava rock landscapes, Ivins is a beautiful town.
I would like to see a small shopping center with a couple of eateries.
I have lived in Ivins for 14 total years now, and though I have lived in L.A., Northern Utah and Alaska, this is my favorite place to call home. The St George area is growing very quickly, but Ivins is still a nice quiet bedroom community. Love the schools, people and outdoor recreation, not to mention the beautiful Red Mountain.
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Ivins is a small city perfect for families. It is the home of the beautiful Red Mountain, Snow Canyon State Park, Tuacahn Amphitheatre, Southern Utah Veterans Home, and now the new Rocky Vista University Southern Utah campus. A great place to grow up!
Ivins is a cozy little town just outside of St. George Utah. It has breathtaking views of the Red Mountain. People are friendly and kind and you really get the small town feel here. I love that I am just a quick drive into town but feel like I'm far from it. The schools are great! There are a few local places to eat and you can't go wrong with any of them. There are great places to hike and we have our own entrance to Snow Canyon State Park. The famous Tuachan Amphitheater draws in big crowds each summer for their amazing broadways under the stars!
I have lived in Ivins Utah for 16 years and have overall loved it and have had a great experience. It is a beautiful town at the base of a beautiful Red Mountain and a State Park, Snow Canyon. The only thing about Ivins that is hard is the city council likes to keep the beauty of the night sky which limits street lights. This makes the streets really dark at night making it a safety issue on the streets. The people of Ivins are overall very friendly. It has been a great place to raise my family.
It nice and spacious. however they all look the same on the outside. but they are made nicely and you cant go wrong
It has alot of opportunities.
I love the warm weather,and the scenery. Saint George is constantly growing and new opportunities begin to grow.
Ivins Utah is a family friendly and low crime area.
Ivins Utah is great for active people seeking adventure.
Not many vacant or abandoned properties at all. Also cost of housing and utilities is average.
This area has a great sense of community. People tend to move to this area and then stay for the rest of their life. This community is very pet and family friendly. There are many parks and splash pads to go to.
It is not to bad. I feel safe taking walks and being in the neighbor hood.
I love living here the community is just a really great place.
The area geographically is beautiful, even though it's hot seven months out of the year. The people are generally kind and considerate everywhere you go. I would definitely choose to live here again if I could do it over. The area is beautiful and the increase in population shows that at least around the western states people prefer it here. This area will continue to grow because it's a popular retirement area and because of the University which is one of the cheapest in the nation.
I don't get out to much but there is a lot of great mom and pop restaurants around here that make good food. Due to the fact that we only have one bar, witch is state owned, there isn't much of a "night life" here.
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The housing here comes at a good price and utilities are not overly expensive. There isn't really a bad side to the city I would feel safe going out at night alone. There is a pretty go volume of vacant homes, lots of construction going on for building new houses but no one buying them up.
Employment opportunists are limited. There are some good paying jobs near by, but there isn't a huge selection of jobs. Unless you are doing Service/retail you are working construction or in public safety.
The reaction time of police/fire are on the ball.
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