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The city is safe. A lot do around the area. Lots of hiking and biking. The people around here are friendly and outgoing. The downtown area has plenty of food choices. The price you pay for entertainment and peace of mind does come at a cost. It is expensive to live around here! I would recommend Issaquah!
It is a lovely area with nice landscaping and fresh air. There are many parks, sports fields, and places to hike, making it great for those who love the outdoors. The people here are generally kind and respect their community.
Everything just seems great. From top-notch public schools to a convenient location. However, houses have shot up in prices over recent years.
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We're very happy living in Issaquah. Very clean, quiet, nice. Lots of stuff to do around, easy commute to Seattle and Bellevue
Issaquah is a very nice community! The schools are friendly and overall quite welcoming. The town is definitely developing, so it is quite pricey and trafficky as the residental areas grow. However, overall, the whole area is nice and filled with lots of good people.
Issaquah is a small town with Great hikes around the area. It’s a quiet and nice neighborhood. But
If you’re not white you will encounter Business owners and the Police racially profiling you. So sad!
I love the location of Issaquah. Very close to the mountains for winter skiing and close enough to Seattle and Bellevue. With Lake Sammamish and the surrounding forests, there are a lot of opportunities to go swimming and hiking. I would love to see Issaquah continue to improve its downtown night life.
Issaquah has the feel of a small town welcomeness, yet the city is growing rapidly. The schools are inclusive and my children have built wonderful friendships. Sadly, the community is growing at such a fast pace that the infrastructure cannot keep up. Traffic is getting worse and worse.
Issaquah reminds me a lot of my home town in Idaho. This is because of all the suburbs of Seattle, it is the only one that feels like it is truly meant to be experienced apart from Seattle. It boasts a historic downtown with plenty of restaurants for those who enjoy dining out. Front Street is also home to the Village Theatre whose mission it is " be a regionally recognized and nationally influential center of excellence in family theatre." I have been to several of their performances including Into the Woods, Matilda, and The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes. Issaquah is located in the foothills of three mountains and at the base of Lake Sammamish. There is plenty of outdoor activities for those who enjoy hiking, swimming, kayaking, biking, skateboarding, parasailing, etc.
Issaquah High School is a great place to live! I am so glad that my family moved here! I especially love our school! The neighborhood is beautiful and so are all of our houses!
I love the landscape of Issaquah, Washington. It is a beautiful town, and everyone is so kind. I love the rolling hills and beautiful green trees. Not to mention, Issaquah is a short drive from Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, and more. Issaquah also has many unique stores and restaurants like XXX Root Beer (a 50s style diner) and Gilman Village (an adorable shopping square). Issaquah has both average-income houses, and high-income houses, especially up on the Plateau. I currently work as a barista in issaquah at a coffee stand, and everyone I encounter is polite, kind, and generous. One thing I would modify about Issaquah, if possible, would be to eliminate the traffic. Roads are congested greatly through mornings and evenings, making commutes a challenge.
Issaquah is a great place to live. I love the schools, the parks, the places to eat, and my neighbors come from around the country and world. I would like to see the housing prices become more affordable so that when I start working I can afford to live close to my parents.
I would like to see a fix on traffic it is really hard to get around town beacuse there are so many people living here!
Very good place, Good schooling would recommend. There are lots of things to do around town. There is always something to do and eat on front street. You will never get bored in Issaquah!
Not a bad city, a little bit stubborn about the outside world though. Not a bad city for schools. Good parks and trails.
Issaquah Highlands is a pristine, cookie cutter neighborhood. The community is well planned with shops and restaurants nearby.
The majority of Issaquah residents are friendly and supportive. Issaquah is known for its school district, so real estate prices tend to be on the higher side.
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What I like the most about Issaquah WA, is that it is very family friendly and a great place to live. It's a wonderful niche that is only 30 mins from Seattle and 30 mins to the mountains. A perfect place for somebody who loves a bit of both worlds. People think all it does is rain up here in Washington but without it there wouldn't be some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There is so much green around that you can walk outside your front door and think you are deep in the woods.
I love Issaquah how close Issaquah is to Seattle. I have lived in Washington a majority of my life and it feels like home here, even though the rain and gloominess can get depressing! Issaquah has a great indoor locations to make up for that; I go to the Y with my mom 3 days a week.
It's a beautiful city, close to natural escapes, although it does lack the food and entertainment options presented by Seattle or Bellevue.
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