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Irvine is such a great place to live! It's very family oriented and has amazing schools. Eerything you would need is just at arms reach!
Irvine feels very safe and most people are friendly. It is a very peaceful place to live in and has some places that are nice to visit. There are always nearby store but it lack nightlife. Most things available to do are for older people and not a lot of entertainment for the younger crowd.
Irvine is a clean city and is well located close to the beach and never too hot or too cold. I wish that there were more places to just hangout and walkaround and them not to be plazas. Most up and coming cities have downtown streets and unique shops but that can not be found in Irvine. There are many great things about irvine but it lacks charm.
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Irvine is easily one of the best cities in the country with Irvine holding the name of being the safest city in the country for well over a decade. The people are friendly and welcoming, there are hundreds of trails, lots of shops to go to with your friends, as well as beautiful scenery for when you just want to relax by your self. You will never see any graffiti or trash on the streets as Irvine is very strict on keeping the city looking exactly as how it should. Irvine is, however, becoming incredibly over populated. Traffic has become very congested and takes along time to get to work, class, and home on time. This can be fixed by increasing better modes of transportation such as a subway.
I think Irvine is a nice and safe city. In addition, there is many good and beautiful restaurants in Irvine.
Safe, beautiful, and diverse. The only downside to Irvine is the price tag. Irvine has many different ethnicities such as Latino, Middle Eastern, and Asian citizens. It is very safe and new/innovative looking. The price is a bit outrageous, and continues to increase which is the downfall.
The city of Irvine is beautiful. The landscape, people, housing, and food are all great. The people are very sweet, you'll always feel comfortable and safe. There is food on every corner, and it has the best korean BBQ. The houses are absolutely beautiful as well.
I'm new to California and I absolutely love the weather here. There are a lot of Asians residing here at OC, which means great foods for sure. Also, Irvine is one of the safest city in the US, much better than LA.
Irvine has a little something for everybody. The city has a plethora of people from different backgrounds, the likes of which can be seen at annual events such as the Irvine Global Village Festival. In addition to diversity, education and community are highly valued in Irvine. The City of Irvine offers a host of various lessons and volunteer opportunities that bring the people of Irvine together to learn and have fun. Furthermore, Irvine sports many great locations for people to meet, such as the Irvine Spectrum and the Marketplace, both of which are popular for food, drink, and entertainment. Therefore, Irvine is an excellent place to live because it is diverse and is a great city in which to raise a family.
I am resident for 8yrs, excellent and safe place to live. clean, quiet and the best school. The city of irvine is very excellent city that work with the resident in the after school and children well being. for extra curriculum. my three son love it here. It is one of the safest city in the country. I an my family are happy and excited, bless to be able to enjoy the opportunity to live irvine ca. the public school is 100% great in irvine. Night life is great and quiet. The city is a family friendly city which !00%. It is 100 percent great. Real estate is very high. do not like the high cord housing affordability.
Beautiful neighborhoods and super family friendly. The school district is also fantastic. There are so many great places to grab a bite and many things to do throughout town.
Best city I lived in since our family moved to America. The city is planned so nicely there are trees everywhere and you can get to places within 20 minutes. The public schools are nice and the city is very clean. Lots of awesome asian restaurants here as well.
Irvine is a nice, safe community. The school system is really good and the the school is really challenging. The people in the community are really nice and the climate of the area is very appealing. There is good access to the beaches, restaurants, and malls. The county is a really safe place to live statistically, and really couldn't hope for a better place.
It's a pretty safe place to live and work. Commute by public transport is hard though because everything is a little bit spaced out, but if you are comfortable with driving, you should be fine.
Irvine is very calm and fun! The weather is great. It is close to Disneyland which is pretty great because you can visit it during the holidays with your friends.
I love living in Irvine, I have been here for over 20 years, I attended elementary school, middle school, and high school here. I am looking forward to attending the University of Irvine next fall. The traffic here has been getting a little bit worse as the city has expanded but it is still not as bad as other surrounding cities I visit. As a parent, and student, I love how safe, clean and open the city is. We have great facilities, parks, events and other fun family oriented activities throughout the city. Our farmers markets are great, the people are friendly and overall it is a great place to be. I docked one star for traffic, but again, not that bad comparatively.
Irvine is a city surrounded by schools and colleges. Lots of opportunities for family’s including great out indoor activities. Lots of jobs available, nearby colleges and restaurants.
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Irvine has been my hometown and I would not have grown up anywhere else. The education and opportunities I have been given because of the growing city of Irvine are the best I could ever imagine. With public parks, pools and many nearby locations for children and families alike, it is a great area for growing up and experiencing diversity in a growing region of Southern California.
Irvine is a very sheltered environment. It is a happy and safe environment for kids to grow up and to raise a family. Irvine puts the safety of the city first and is open to change. The schools also are academically enriching where they value student input to make it an enjoyable learning environment.
Great diversity and family-friendly town. Central location to LA and San Diego. Well manicured and very clean city thanks to Irvine company. On the downside, the company seems to hold a monopoly on land and drives prices up.
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