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A very clean, safe city with a diverse range of people. An up and coming city that is still constantly growing in size. Many restaurants and things to do here as well.
Safe city. Reasonably friendly people. Great public education system, but please recognize that the standards and curriculums for each school is different. The city mainly focuses on the development of newer areas and often resources are more allocated to these areas.
Irvine is a very great place to live because it is clean, diverse, and the educational experience is great. However, it is often referred to as "the bubble" because living in Irvine does not prepare you well for your experiences in the real world.
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I liked how clean and safe Irvine felt. I didn't like how expensive the cost of living was, but you pay a price to live in a clean, safe area. I would like to see more diversity in Irvine.
Irvine, one of the wealthiest cities located in Orange County, which is also one of the wealthiest counties in the US! It is one of the safest cities in the US with great public schools and beautiful houses. Irvine is still developing which means that plenty of new houses and very spacious roads. Though, it also means that Irvine is being taken over because it is one of the hottest cities to be living in right now. Thus, expect the rent here to be outrageously high with homes selling in the millions. I say in about 5-10 years, there will be a lot more people than it is right now. Note that Irvine is a family friendly place, so it's better to settle down here with a family. Not recommended for young singles/couples because there is absolutely no night life here and it's a very quiet city so expect the police to break up any house parties at midnight or earlier! :-)
Irvine is conveniently located near malls, the beach, and amusement parks. There are lots of restaurants to visit such as the Irvine Spectrum, Triangle Square, and South Coast Plaza. Irvine encourages health living with multiple hiking and biking trails. However, the cost of living is very expensive.
I like this city. It is clean and corporate controlled by the Irvine company but it is done well. Businesses here are upscale.
I love Irvine! It is filled with great food, great people, and great education. Though it can be a little constricting in terms of gaining exposure to the real world, and is often referred to as "the bubble," Irvine is overall a very safe and rewarding place to live.
Great place to live, safe and great services. Friendly, close to beaches and LA area as well as San Diego.
Sna airport a plus.
I like how Irvine is diverse with a lot of Asian influences so there's definitely all sort of Asian food places to eat at. There's also a lot of plazas for shopping and eating too such as Fashion Island and Irvine Spectrum. Overall, it's a really safe city with a lot of business and commercial corporations. However, there isn't really a culture or sense of community I feel Irvine has especially with the lack of spaces one can go to without a car.
I grew up in Irvine! I have lived in Irvine since 1974 ...I have seen it GROW and Grow and it still has not changed ..and I mean there is a "GREAT SENSE of togetherness" with the people who LIVE in Irvine! THEY LOVE WHERE THEY LIVE! And it's Awesome to be PROUD of it! We respect and take "Care of our Community" by supporting our education for our children, we have churches that nurture our youth, we have businesses that donate to OUR schools, we have diversity, and yes we close our stores early for the safety of our children and residents! Nothing wrong with that! Irvine is a community of HARDWORKING, HIGHLY EDUCATED and successful people living here! And that's OK.
Irvine is extremely violent to Black people, they are very bougie and classist towards people that may be struggling financially. I would not recommend any People of Color to move here unless you want to live out the movie, Get Out.
Irvine is a up and coming location set in a beautiful spot , close to LA and several beaches. The environment is clean and conducive for a high quality public education.
Really Really Really safe and clean environment. Perfect environment for education especially. you can have a lot of choices of diverse foods. Irvine has lots of sports facilities and full of friendly people. Also, it has many high-ranked firms.
Irvine is a safe neighborhood with conservative values. This results in high safety and security but minimal nightlife, and high commute times.
Very good safe and clean city very good Public Schools, no public transportation! Affordability house is available. there are lot of Job Opportunities.
Irvine is a place where everyone is welcome. You feel safe on a constant basis and there is always something to do.
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Irvine is one of the safest cities in America. With a world class police department and city administration along with beautiful people living side by side, there is no other place like sunny Irvine.
Very diverse. Great for families. There are parks everywhere, so no excuses not to stay active. Beautiful city. Nominated safest city in America. Fun loving community
Great family community. So many near by parks and shopping centers. Amazing weather and close to near by beaches and night life cities.
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