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Irvine is a up and coming location set in a beautiful spot , close to LA and several beaches. The environment is clean and conducive for a high quality public education.
Really Really Really safe and clean environment. Perfect environment for education especially. you can have a lot of choices of diverse foods. Irvine has lots of sports facilities and full of friendly people. Also, it has many high-ranked firms.
Irvine is a safe neighborhood with conservative values. This results in high safety and security but minimal nightlife, and high commute times.
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Very good safe and clean city very good Public Schools, no public transportation! Affordability house is available. there are lot of Job Opportunities.
Irvine is a place where everyone is welcome. You feel safe on a constant basis and there is always something to do.
Irvine is one of the safest cities in America. With a world class police department and city administration along with beautiful people living side by side, there is no other place like sunny Irvine.
Very diverse. Great for families. There are parks everywhere, so no excuses not to stay active. Beautiful city. Nominated safest city in America. Fun loving community
Great family community. So many near by parks and shopping centers. Amazing weather and close to near by beaches and night life cities.
Irvine is a very safe and family friendly community. It is a suburban community in southern california and is one of the safest cities in the nation. Irvine also has amazing top rank schools so education is why people chose to live here. Irvine is primarily made up of middle and high class people, immigrants from Asia (Korean and Chinese mostly), and Irvine has many prep academies.
Irvine is very aesthetically pleasing. The schools are amazing and everything feels as though it is within arms reach. Markets are across the street with plazas around almost every corner. The area is relatively safe and the only flaw I see is that I feel even with all of the amazing things, it’s a bit overpriced.
Irvine is a wonderful place to raise kids! They have parks wonderful schools lots of places to eat and shop and everything is close by.
I absolutely love Irvine. I've lived here for about 17 years now, and it's just so neat and clean. Such a well organized city, everything I need is within a 10 minute radius.
Very safe, decent Asian culture, amazing education, many job opportunity, extremely clean, friendly community,
Growing up, knowing nothing about this city, I was given the opportunity to pursue life in a structured and safe city. This is more than most people can ask for, and I grew into the man I am today. I am a man who is privileged with great friends, a loving family, a quality education, and a love for life.
I went to school in irvine for four years and loved the community. You feel safe and there's a lot of diversity in the food and people. The costs of living is pretty high but with roommates for school it's manageable.
Irvine is a beautiful city to live in: clean, safe, near the Pacific Ocean and overall a wonderful place to live and play.
Irvine is a safe city that is ideal for families with children. It is a planned city so all the houses and streets are well maintained. Public schools are great. Cost of living is expensive.
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I like that Irvine is quiet. I would like people to be more friendly and less racist. I would like there to be more varieties of things to do for younger people.
It is a very multi-cultural area. There is tons of great food and activities to participate in. It is a very well maintained city and provides safe areas for young people to grow up.
I love Irvine... but it can be pretty boring for high school age people. It has great schools and very convenient shopping malls and restaurants, but EVERYTHING closes at 10, except for In-n-Out. For high schoolers, 10:00 PM is not that late. I feel that there needs to be a safe place where high schoolers can go to hang out and just be high schoolers. The academic atmosphere in Irvine is also very intense and stressful. So I think that having a place for students to relax and take a break is very necessary and needed in Irvine to counteract the stress and constant pressure.
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