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I grew up in Irvine and while it's definitely THE place to raise your children, there isn't much to do for young adults as there really isn't a night life (everything is closed by 10 pm). My father is an engineer and he has to commute to Los Angeles everyday because there are not enough high-paying jobs in his profession to accomodate for our needs - otherwise, the city is safe and low-key, very family and kid friendly with clean air, open parks, and a fairly swift commute to the ocean.
Irvine is a great place to meet new people and have anything within a 5 miles drive. The Irvine Spectrum itself has everything you need.
It's quiet and well-managed city. I feel safe even at night when I hang out with friends. The schools are also great and have begun to provide more resources to students that I didn't have access to when I first moved here. The city is always changing with someone new coming up just around the corner.
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It's a very safe neighborhood to raise a family. I have been living in Irvine for three years now and I've seen how family oriented this city is. There are countless activities for families with children of all ages. I myself as a parent of 2 toddlers feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to live in such a nice town. I recommend this city to anyone who loves outdoor activities, as there are plenty of hiking trails and many different parks to choose from.
Irvine is a great city to raise a family. It has lots of parks and trails where you can go for walks or ride bikes. The biggest park attraction is called the Great Park, it has tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, along with a community recreation center where a variety of classes are offered yearly. Irvine has plenty of shopping centers with tons of food choices and stores we all love. Irvine is a very safe city to live in, its clean and well maintained by the service workers. Its nightlife is not the greatest, everything closes around 9pm, so if you are looking for a night life feel, Irvine is not for you. It is near other major cities like L.A. and San Diego where you are bound to find lots of night life experiences. Over all I like the tranquility that Irvine brings therefore I would like to call it home for years to come.
It's a very nice city. There are nice shopping areas however small businesses are discouraged. I also feel like there are more restaurants than stores and the stores that are here are very generic. The city of Irvine has wonderful public schools with a variety of academic and athletic activities. Irvine is a great place to raise a family and very safe, the most common form of crime is theft. There is no nightlife in Irvine except by UCI.
I go to UC Irvine, and its a great city. Irvine is a great city to raise a family in, and there is plenty of shops, and places to eat for entertainment. The only downside is the cost of living is very expensive in Irvine.
Irvine is a nice city. It’s not big, and it’s more of a suburb then a city. I’d like to live somewhere where it is more interesting like LA. Irvine doesn’t have a lot for teens/young adults to do which makes it boring. I attended elementary, junior and high school here and got a good education. But outside of that, Irvine is ok for families.
The community is very friendly and safe. Irvine is a beautiful city and I never truly appreciated it enough until I went to college. I am proud and happy that I grew up in Irvine, it is the best place to raise a family.
Wonderful area for families. Lots of activities for the kids to do. Very safe area. I grew up here and now I raise my 3 children here.
Irvine is a very safe city and it is very family friendly. There is plenty of restaurants so there will always be something new to try. It lacks diversity and apartments/real estate is a bit pricey but it is the price of living is worth it considering how safe the city is. Overall, I have enjoyed my 7 years in Irvine. I came for school and haven't left past graduation.
Irvine is great in certain aspects. It is a great place to raise a family. It is incredibly clean and safe. That being said it is extremely expensive to live here. The cost of homes are very high. But the houses are very gorgeous. Traffic is never too bad but it does hit around rush hour. Irvine has a huge business district which is great for job opportunities. While it is great for families, the night life is the worst. Restaurants close around 9pm if not earlier. There are no bars or pubs of liquors. After 8pm the streets are dead, it weird how quite it gets. Overall its not a bad place.
Irvine is a very good city to live in, as it is right next to a marketplace, along with the fact, that there are very good houses in the area, and good neighbors. In addition it also has very good schools.
Very safe community with access to educational resources, marketplaces everywhere, and relatively clean area. The neighborhoods are tidy and not many disruptions. Expensive housing but Irvine is a great place to live and work.
My favorite thing about Irvine is the diversity, not only in the variety of things to do, but also in the people and in the available food cuisines. Irvine is the gold pot of culinary diversity — I’ve had everything from Korean to Mediterranean, from authentic Mexican dishes to fusion seafood.

The physical appearance of the city, with its immaculate sidewalks and lush greenery, gives the typically mundane atmosphere of a suburban neighborhood a bubbling vivacity. From the Spectrum shopping center to the abundance of parks, even bad days aren’t as bad in the city of Irvine.

The one minor drawback would be the constant increase of new homes and more people, which has exacerbated the traffic situation.
I like how friendly this campus is. Irvine is also very clean and well kept. I attend UCI and I appreciate how convenient all of the nearby stores are.
It is very clean and open. The neighborhoods are well maintained. It is a good environment for children and families. However, there is no nightlife. Everything closes around 9 PM. There are a lot of good restaurants here.
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I moved to Irvine 4 years ago with my husband and 5 children. Our jobs are mainly what brought us to the area, as my husband works in Irvine and my commute is 20 minutes compared to the 1 hour and 20 minutes I had before. Our kids are very happy with the schools they attend and have made some really good friends.The people here are very friendly and the city feels safe and clean. My only complaints are that it is a very crowded city and traffic can be frustrating at times and houses are very expensive. However, the area of Irvine that we are in is close to majority of the places we shop or need to go to run errands, so we are able to avoid the traffic most of the time.
Irvine is perfect for families looking for a safe place for their children to grow up. It has great education and recreational spaces. However, living in Irvine comes with competition for college and to get the best grades. It's hard to stand out in a city where everyone takes AP classes and extracurriculars and sports.
Safe, clean, and beautifully designed. There is an abundance of parks, theaters, and restaurants that are great for families, kids, seniors, and everyone in between.
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