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I love living in Irvine, I have been here for over 20 years, I attended elementary school, middle school, and high school here. I am looking forward to attending the University of Irvine next fall. The traffic here has been getting a little bit worse as the city has expanded but it is still not as bad as other surrounding cities I visit. As a parent, and student, I love how safe, clean and open the city is. We have great facilities, parks, events and other fun family oriented activities throughout the city. Our farmers markets are great, the people are friendly and overall it is a great place to be. I docked one star for traffic, but again, not that bad comparatively.
Irvine is a city surrounded by schools and colleges. Lots of opportunities for family’s including great out indoor activities. Lots of jobs available, nearby colleges and restaurants.
Irvine has been my hometown and I would not have grown up anywhere else. The education and opportunities I have been given because of the growing city of Irvine are the best I could ever imagine. With public parks, pools and many nearby locations for children and families alike, it is a great area for growing up and experiencing diversity in a growing region of Southern California.
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Irvine is a very sheltered environment. It is a happy and safe environment for kids to grow up and to raise a family. Irvine puts the safety of the city first and is open to change. The schools also are academically enriching where they value student input to make it an enjoyable learning environment.
Great diversity and family-friendly town. Central location to LA and San Diego. Well manicured and very clean city thanks to Irvine company. On the downside, the company seems to hold a monopoly on land and drives prices up.
The cost of living and traffic and/or commute especially around all of the schools is a challenge. The views are beautiful and there is a bit of development going on. I just wish the rent was a bit more affordable and the job market paying a bit more (this I believe is an issue all over the States though). I am very happy with the overall living in Irvine and would settle down here with the right circumstances within my lifestyle and financial outlook.
I love Irvine. I refer to myself as an "Irvine rat" I am here every day in some capacity. From shopping, eating, visiting friends, and even attending church. it is also known as one of the "safest cities in America" many years over.
I like the diversity of the people in Irvine and how I've been able to meet many people from a variety of backgrounds
It's a very green change as opposed to where I grew up in the desert. A lot of well-to-do people live here. There are a lot of great trails for hiking and biking. Everything is man-made to create a fake safe environment, their intentions after the chaos of war many years ago. Corona del Mar beach is 10 minutes away, Newport 20 minutes.
The city of Irvine consists of safe and clean communities. Irvine is constantly renovating and creating new structures to ensure satisfaction for its residents.
The best thing about Irvine is all of the places around it. Everything in Irvine closes early and is kind of expensive. But it is so close to Newport, Anaheim and Costa Mesa that it's worth it.
Although Irvine is a quiet city, it is filled with life and several events that try their best to bring the city together. Even though it is a college town, students and their culture are very friendly. Being a student of UCI, I am constantly reminded of how quaint and peaceful the city is.
Diamond Jamboree is the best shopping center for food! The best! 85 degrees beats Starbucks hands down. Kickin Crab is the best shrimp and crab boil you'll ever have. Saigon Pearl is some of the best pho you can get. The sushi conveyor belt joint is good too. Did I mention there is a 24 hour BCD Tofu located in this shopping center too? Seriously... it's the best place to go in Irvine.
As a central point between other major Southern California areas, its conveniently placed location allows access to several nearby beaches, a vibrant university city lifestyle, and proximity to the biggest shopping mall on the west coast.
It was a very nice city, until recently when they voted to continue overextended and cramming more people in to a limited space without regards for traffic or services. It was originally a master planned city, but has become over taken by greedy development companies.
For those interested in outdoor activities, Irvine is close to the beach, many hiking trails, and a short drive from ski runs. It's easy to find activities like stand up paddle boarding and yoga, evening sports leagues, and volunteer groups. The rent is high and new grads tend to need roommates. The night life in nearby Newport Beach runs longer while Irvine tends to settle down by 10pm on the weekends.
A quiet suburban place with all things present. Irvine provides all the things you need that ranges from big supermarket to small ones that are specific to certain culture or ethnicity. Also Irvine has easy access to city such as San Diego or Los Angeles. Irvine provides good home for family since there are ample numbers of park, pool, and playground. Also traffic is decent with big road.
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Lots of beautiful trails for running and biking anywhere in the city. It is really safe too as I always walk to school, parks, and shopping centers and have never felt unsafe or threatened.
This is a very clean and well planned area. There are beautiful green recreational areas, exciting places to shop and eat, and big cozy homes.
I love living in Irvine. It has so many fun places to and shops to go spend a day with family or friends. It's a very family-oriented community so you will have a park around every corner and is beautifully landscaped. I love living by the trails to run and take my dog for a walk.
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