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It is a very safe city but it gets extremely boring going to the same places. The beaches are good and the people are nice but that is it.
Irvine is considered one of the safest cities in California, and possibly one of the safest cities in the country. For the most part, the city is consistently kept very clean and well maintained. However, it is very industrialized and there are many corporation buildings such as Google, Hyundai, etc. Aside from that, Irvine has beautiful neighborhoods that are quiet and peaceful, but can be quite expensive to live in. There is a wide range of diversity of people and cultures, and all kinds of foods and activities are available. The traffic can be somewhat heavy during rush hour, but nothing compared to Los Angeles. Irvine is not known for its nightlife, but there are some bars that many enjoy going to socialize and have fun.
Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.Very family friendly city.
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We love Irvine! We have never heard of Irvine until We moved here.
Irvine has perfect manicured lawn with lots of tall and mature trees.
No matter where you live in Irvine there will always be at least one park and and one shopping center nearby. If you like slow life, smelling fresh cut grass and flowers with hustling busy work life at the same time,this is the place to be. We have been here for 4 years and we just want to die here.Irvine has changed us and the way we want to live.
Irvine is a very suburban community with lots of diversity. It is a very safe community and builds a strong foundation for the youth.
When I was a kid, Irvine was the place to be. Our neighborhood was in the process of being built, so a lot of new families/expecting parents were moving in. So I was able to grow up in a neighborhood with other kids my age, a good school nearby, and parks and places to go close to my home as well.

However, the prices of the homes here have increased to a ridiculous amount. Not only that, but more and more people are moving to Irvine, creating a ton of traffic that affects travel most of the time. The traffic honestly isn't worth it for what Irvine has to offer. And don't be surprised if some of your favorite structures (e.g. water parks, concert venues) are torn down in favor of building more houses.

While I had a happy childhood here, I'm more than ready to leave. My once bustling neighborhood is now a silent row of paved-over lawns and people who hardly come outside.
Irvine's an extremely clean, well-organized, and well-planned city. It has an excellent schooling system for kindergarteners through 12th grade and is also home to the University of California, Irvine. Irvine is also culturally diverse with people from all ethnicities and cultures starting ethnic restaurants and markets, allowing residents to experience authentic cuisine from around the world.
I lived in Irvine and while it is run extremely well, like a business , I think that may be the problem. They have flooded the place with apartments. Long time residents are at their wits end with the over crowding and development. Traffic has become unbearable. They are approaching 50% rental which makes for a more transient community and gives folks less of a chance to attain the American Dream of home ownership. In addition, while there are people from various nations and ethnic groups, their are huge blocks of mainland Chinese, as well as indian and middle eastern people that dominate areas and exclude others. When purchasing, their were whole housing tracts that were overwhelmingly one ethnicity making you feel like an outsider. It’s nicer when neighborhoods are balanced and diverse instead of one overwhelming foreign born ethnicity. Many homes are empty or only contain a student because real estate has been dominated by foreign buyers and investors.
The Irvine/Orange/Westminster/Anaheim area is a great place to hangout! The nightlife is great, and they have sooooo many hangout spots perfect for literally every age! I go often with family and friends!
Irvine is very peaceful. It has a good community, clean streets, good schools, a lot of opportunities for part-time employment for high school students, etc. Irvine is a good place to settle down if you want to stay in a quiet community, but the cons are there is no nightlife and the community is pretty separated as a result.
Centrally located, safe neighborhoods, beautiful buildings and landscaping. Everything you could want to eat right around the corner
I love Irvine for its quiet atmosphere and overall safety. The only thing I would change is the amount of things to do for fun--overall there is frankly not much.
I like how Irvine is a safe community, and how clean and organized the city is. However, if there was one complaint I would have is the prices. I feel like the price of groceries and clothes are more expensive in this city than in my hometown of San Diego. I also feel like gasoline is more expensive in this city as well.
I grew up in Irvine it is a beautifully kept city. Within a short drive to anywhere including the beach and snow in the mountains .
Well, I've lived here for around fifteen of my sixteen years, and I cannot sufficiently describe how glad I am that I grew up in such a safe and overall diverse community.
Irvine is a very safe city with a low crime rate. There are parks everywhere for recreation, and they are well-kept. The schools are great for students.
It is a bubble from the other cities. It is very clean and it has a very nice community. The people here are very kind.
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Great city with incredible opportunities and resources. An amazing place to raise a family. Great schools from Pre-K to College.
A large suburb with plenty of diversity and amazing eateries. Public transit is difficult to get to and the Irvine isn't definitely not affordable. Public school system has some of the strongest high schools in Southern California. Schools are well equipped with the most up to date technology and curriculum that puts all students in high competition. All walks of life can find an eatery in Irvine. Incredibly clean and safe and is family friendly. All shopping plazas are frequented by teenagers and families alike.
Irvine is the by far is one of the very best city's to live in! Wealthy people, safe area, corporate opportunities!
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