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Ironwood is a great place to be raised. There is little crime, drugs and abuse in Ironwood, MI. I was raised by my parents in this little town since I was born. There is plenty for everyone to do especially outside.
I live here sometimes and it is very pleasant. My spouse is an avid skier (excellent trails AND several challenging jump slopes) and I love working my garden. The village water bills have a high fixed cost at $730/year plus actual water. The natural gas for heating(provided you are in the vilage) can be expensive in the winter time BUT much less than outside the village which heats by wood and propane.
Internet by cable is resonable inside the village(dish outside the village) for additioal TV. Property taxes are about 1.6% of current value for non MI citizens and half that for MI citizens. The village has a Safety Dept including police and a regular fire department. Crime is minimal. There is a Walmart AND a SuperOne grocery sources. The population for the village is less than 5000 with Gogebic County less than 13,000. There is an excellent regional hospital on the east side of the village. The entire county is covered with an ambulence service.
Small town with a relatively kind and accepting community. The people that have lived in this area long term are always willing to help the newer folk that come across our town and point them in the right direction!
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It's a small town with a lot of outdoor recreational activities. A popular destination for ATV and snowmobile riders.
Ironwood, Michigan is a small town in the Western most Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are surrounded by nature, trees and bodies of water, namely the Big Lake of Gitche-Gumee (otherwise known as Lake Superior).
A great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors. Other than that not a whole lot to do. Great people and cheap housing.
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