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I am so lucky to have grown up in Irondequoit. As I prepare to move into college, I look back on my years here and am immensely grateful. While I'm more of a city girl myself, I still loved my time in the suburb of Irondequoit. It's very safe here and I was constantly surrounded by a community who supported me and my education. I went to Eastridge High School and was offered a stellar education (both academic and in the fine arts) within a diverse environment. Overall, I recommend Irondequoit to families and single people alike. It's safe, encouraging, and wildly entertaining.
If you're looking for a family-oriented place, a suburb with friendly elderlies, and welcoming young couples. Irondequoit is the place for you. With multiple job opportunities, a supermarket, small family-owned businesses, you'll feel right at home in Irondequoit NY, the heart of Rochester. The area is ridiculously safe with friendly and attentive neighbors nearby always there if you need a helping hand, but conservative enough where you never have to question your privacy.
West Irondequoit School District gives students the most opportunities out of any school in the town.
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I have lived in East Irondequoit for 10 years my daughter will graduate from the High school next year I haven’t had no problems far as educational wise.U have a 6 year old enrolled in Ivan Green who will graduate High school
Out here too
Irondequoit is a very great and open town. I am a current student at Eastridge High School and it is a very great school, great students and great teachers. I love to shop in irondequoit and just being here is home to me! Irondequoit will forever be my home.
I live in East Irondequoit! Love everything about it! We are close to Irondequoit Bay, Lake Ontario and Sea Breeze Amusement Park. Easy access to shopping, awesome restaurants and entertainment.
And downtown Rochester accessible by bus.
I love that Irondequoit has excellent neighborhood schools. I love that you can easily get any where within the Rochester area within 20 min or less. I love that Irondequoit is affordable. The only downfall with Irondequoit is the high taxes but the upside of the high school taxes is the great schools that receive the money to provide a great education for the kids.
Irondequoit is a place where I feel safe no matter where I go. It is not a very big town so there is not much that goes wrong. There is nothing that I would change about Irondequoit because there are the perfect amount of places to go and experience.
Great community. Friendly people, great schools, and centrally locate....15 minutes to anywhere. The new library is amazing, and we have Wegmans in both east and west irondequoit, as well as a new Tops, and many other locally owned stores and bakeries. Irondequoit has it all!
Irondequoit is a small town that's very connected through its public school. The sport events that take place at the school really bring the community together.
It's a great place to raise a family. The new I-Square facility is great for a quick bite to eat, and the fall and winter activities they have for the kids make a great family outing.
Tight knit community. Lots of events and fun locally. Great natural beauty, with bay and lake access.
Irodequoit is a great place to raise children. It has good schools for the youngsters. It also has parks and beaches for the family and everyone. Irodequoit also offers a theme park called Seabreeze. It has been part of the community for over a hundred years. Irodequoit also has plenty of stores as well.
Irondequoit is like the porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears: not to hot , not to cold, but just right. With its location right between the large Ontario lake and popping Rochester City, you can go sailing and attend a wonderful concert in one day. The community is large enough to always be meeting new people, but small enough to never feel lost in a crowd. Personally, I believe the Rochester theatre community Irondequoit is a part of, makes it truly unique. Just this summer there was a massive turnout at the Highland Bowl for Wall Byrd's production of Romeo & Juliet which I was proud to be a part of. Recently, West Irondequoit joined forces with East Irondequoit to build a new library. The new facility has provided a space for my mom to attend book club, my sister to study for her SAT, and for me to indulge in books. Ultimately, Irondequoit is a suburb that allows growth to the individuals residing there, inspiring them to live purposefully.
People in this community are very understanding. There are dogs at nearly every house, a high school behind the neighborhoods, and many other factors in which people tolerate to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment for everyone involved. With the increase in the amount of community events held, it creates a site for neighbors to connect and for everyone in the community to become closer.
We have our own police department located in our town hall. They are always visible to the community.
I feel that West Irondequoit is the perfect place to raise a family. We have a tight community. The school district has so many wonderful, dedicated teachers who really care about their students and provide the most out of education. I feel that the houses are priced affordable.
Rochester is a wonderful city with many activities to do, independent of the weather.
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Other than the constantly changing weather and long hard winters, Rochester has great summers with little rain or cloudiness.
Murph's has the best wings in Irondequoit!
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