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Irondale Reviews

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This area in a great area to live. It's positive and safe.
It is a very nice and quiet neighborhood. The neighbors are kind.
There is to much breaking in and no ones doing anything about it.
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Where I reside it's quiet, well it used to be. I wouldn't live here again as I would rather live in the city or a rural area, not the suburbs. The best part about this area is that the number of people who upkeep their front lawn out weighs the few who don't. But as for the future of this area, I see the value declining because the type of people that will come to this area. Despite the recurrence of theft, its inconspicuous and quiet at times, even the dogs are quiet.
The people in this community are the most friendly people i ever meet. Also the protection is great.
The food and drinks in my area is mediocre. There is nothing out of the average around.
Not many job opportunities around my way
There aren't many mom and pop shops around the area I live
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