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I have enjoyed my time here. I have graduated high school here and worked as a CNA the last couple of years. It is a town where you can raise a family. It is a growing town that is looking towards great things for years to come.
The people are very kind and welcoming, there are many things to do for people who love the outdoors, there are quite a few restaurants and good schools.
I honestly dont know where to start. Here in iowa falls there is hardly anything to do when you are not in the mood to go to the parks. There is a pool that is only open during summer (obviously) and a theater, thats about it. Oh and there are also bars here too. The school system has constantly been denounced here after two kids on two seperate occasions have threatened to shoot up the school and a handful of kids had taken their own lives due to bullying. Property values have shot up drastically thanks to the botched road construction that lasted 3 months longer than it should have. And the nighlife here is non existent, except for the drug users who shift throught the streets now and then.
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neighbors are very kind. but there is nothing to do.
and near my school, there is a lake. It is good for walking and taking a picture of stars
Iowa Falls is a beautiful community that is safe to raise a family, with plenty of small businesses to support and has a lot to offer to those visiting or planning to live.
I absolutely love my town, I have been living here for 12 years and love the small town atmosphere. Very safe and family friendly.
Iowa Falls is a beautiful, somewhat historical, and interesting little town. It's a great place for families, raising children and people who enjoy a quintessential small town life in a pleasant area with nice nature spots.
On the other hand, Iowa Falls seems not to be a very welcoming community. It's not that the community is rude or mean, they're quite nice, but it's comparable to an inside joke, where if you don't know the right people, you'll never be in on the joke.
I moved to Iowa Falls when my husband accepted a teaching position here. We recently just bought our first home here. Something that stands out about Iowa Falls is the community's ability to rally. People truly define the popular phrase "Iowa Nice" here. Everyone seems to give back in some capacity, there are multiple opportunities to serve on boards or volunteer. This fairly small town takes pride in it's past and takes action for it's future. Friends become family and the support for one another is unmatched.
I love how its a small town, where neighbors know each other and check in one another. I would love to see more kids activities in the park. When I first moved here construction was going on downtown and they had activities every Friday for kids and parents to get people to come downtown and I wish they would still do that.
I've learned to love this town. Moved here from California and love the small town atmosphere. Great community, looks out for one another. Small town with access to ER hospital.
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