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I like that it is a smaller town. It is very easy to find your way to houses or other buildings within the city. However due to it being just a small city, it does not make a lot of profit. There are many buildings that are closed down and not being to use. The city often receives a bad reputation for this. There are not a lot of parks to take walks in and enjoy time outside and there is a small recreation center that does not have many resources. Since I moved to Inkster in 2011, the city went without a library. However currently, the city is in the process of creating and funding a new upgraded library.
I’ve lived in Inkster my entire life. While I will always hold a special place in my heart for Inkster, the city has more issues than surrounding communities. For one we have no public school system. Students have to be bused out to Wayne Westland, Taylor, Dearborn Heights, or Romulus to go to a public school because Inkster Public Schools shut down more than 5 years ago. Some streets have major issues, for example, Avondale between Inkster Rd and Henry Ruff has needed to be redone for years, yet it looks like it hasn’t been touched. I’d rather not go into crime because that’s an issue no matter where you live. A lot of small parks aren’t well kept, and I don’t believe we currently have a public library. I often find myself having to go to Westland or the Dearborn Area because there’s not much to do besides reside in Inkster. On that note, i’ll always cherish my childhood spent in Inkster. It’s not the best place to raise children, but it’s certainly not the worst.
I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood in Inkster not too far from Inkster Park. I have never had any bad experiences with anyone of my neighbors, but my parents have once. That is the only thing bad about my neighborhood. As of March 2020, there is no public library or major public schools in the city of Inkster. There were years ago, but at this point there is none at all. Besides that, everyone in Inkster minds their business most of the time and keeps to themselves. Inkster is better than most people describe it as.
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I have lived in Inkster since I was 7. This is my home and I living in this city. It is not perfect but Inkster is a great community.
It's not the worst it could be, but it is still a city with a lot of gun crime for its small size and very little potential for growth. Business overall isn't great and a majority of events need to take place in neighboring cities to assure safety, consistency, and quality. The people aren't incredibly friendly for the most part, but simultaneously there is a very strong sense of community.
Inkster could be a wonderful place again if Patrick Wimberly was elected For Inkster Mayor! Our current mayor is not doing the things needed to make our city thrive again. Let all come together and Vote Patrick Wimberly For Inkster Mayor!
My neighborhood is very quiet and nice. When I leave I'm concerned with the amount of violence and drug involvement.
Inkster would be a great place if the mayor and the people would get off their lazy behind and take the safety concerns of the woman, elderly, and children. Action speaks louder then just talk.

Anytime that you are aware of a situation in the community area and you pretty much in so many words ""Go ^&%$ yourself, "" and you don't take no action then you are just as sorry, foolish and a criminal then the person doing the crime. Inkster can be better if we can people in the city hall that can really work within the title that are given..
Overall I find Inkster to be an up and coming city. It has its flaws but my neighbors are great and the police force is great!
Every business is run down or gone. The crime is pretty bad. We have to avoid certain places because of that.
I like the businesses and companies and how they're very helpful in time of need. However, public transportation should be available for more streets and more often for a few of them.
My experience in the city have been good. I have not been a victim of car theft or home
Invasion. The neighborhood is average. The downside is that the city closed public schools in the area. There could be more public schools. Show areas are convenient. There is an annual summer jazz festival.
I love Inkster and don't need anything to change except the bullying in schools. Better ways to handle situations that arrise in the school system to have more teacher parent conferences and to have better teachers in the charter school system that know what they are doing
Inkster is a nice place to live. I am home schooled as the public schools around here were closed a few years ago but overall it's nice. The roads could be better though. Lots of cracks in them.
My experience living in Inkster has not really been a good one, there is not that much to do and it is not a place where people strive to live. They took the public school away and that just made it worst.
I want to see our community come together for what's best for the next generation of kids and the well-being of our citizens. It is important that we encourage one another and develop economic growth as the years past.
Inkster has always been my home. I have lived in this city ever since I was 4. When I was growing up we used to do all kinds of things. Some of the neighbors are still really close. We could talk and meet each other anytime. Some of my neighbors used to even babysit me after school.

It has changed over the past few years. Something I recognize to easily how it has slipped past the standard. My parents used to talk about this on how it used to be compared to now. I notice and see it is mainly because of the lack of opportunity and the decline of jobs. I believe that it will get better.
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It's an okay experience, it have some issues and crimes but it depends on the area you live in. Inkster use to have a public schools but it closed down 4 years ago due to the fact it didn't have enough money to fun the school. I love close to dearborn border line to inkster it's not a bad area pretty quite and it have nice houses and Robichaud High School is down the street from where I live. The area is pretty diverse many people live here but it is many made up from blacks and minority groups
I've lived in Inkster for most of my life. I appreciate that it's not necessarily unsafe to live here, but I would like to see the neighborhoods here rehabilitated. Many houses and lawns are poorly kept; the roads could be fixed and the parks nearby are run down.
I like Inkster, but I see changes and improvement on houses. What I would like to see change is more community buildings and more newly built houses. Besides, the fact they are improving. In addition to having more people living here.
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