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There aren't that many attractions to go and see, but the people here are always friendly. Everyone is a neighbor to everyone else, ready to help in the time of need. There's a lot of open space and fresh air.
The areas around here are small; not many people visit. There aren't many attractions worth seeing.
Local businesses either provide the same services, or do not exist.
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The people in the area are mostly farmers who grow their own healthy foods and get plenty of exercise through manual labor.
There is very little crime that I hear of in the nearby areas.
While there is large access to roads and highways, there is little access to trains or planes without driving a few hours to get there first.
The housing in the area is compiled mostly of older farm houses, with some newer, nicer houses currently coming up on the market.
While the job market nearby has grown slightly in the past year or so, there are still few available jobs that are worth applying for.
There is little diversity in the food and drink around here.
The people around here are mostly compiled of farmers, and usually keep to themselves.
We have one gas station, one restaurant, one automotive shop, and one convenience store. All of which are closed by 10 pm so if we need something in the middle of the night we have to go to a nearby town. The closest grocery store (which is a 24 hour store) is about 15 minutes from the house.
Small country town means small country businesses. Our town has one gas station, one restaurant, and one convenient store. Other towns around us have more employment opportunities but they are small country towns as well.
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