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Independence Township Reviews

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It's a small but not too small town that has history and character to it. Independence is a community that feels like home, not just a town.
Independence is friendly and has families that have lived here for many years and most third generation or more. The City is comfortable. It is not over-crowded or dirty. People keep up with their homes for the most part their yards are not full of trash and well kept. You can count on your neighbor to watchout for one another especially if you are out of town. Many neighborhoods have grownup together and their kids stayed friends K - 12, and still keep in touch over the years. The cost of living is reasonable and utilities are not high very affordable place to raise a family. Resale value of homes is average. There is plenty of restaurant and shopping in Independence within 25 miles, all the necessities a family needs.
Independence is a pretty nice town. A nearby resident I have be going to all my life. It's a great place to live too.
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Its an ok place to live ther is just not alot of things to do
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