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Independence Charter Township Reviews

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I grew up here! The area is beautiful. Still lots of shopping, but not too much development. Great schools. The only complaint would be that there is a bit of an ego associated with living here. Many residence are of upper middle class.
It's a very safe community!
Clarkston is a great area to raise a family!
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Never hear much in terms of crimes. just occasional high school students with minor issues.
Great location, a small town, with great parks. but also 10 minutes from Auburn hills and shopping malls. One of the best high schools around many challenging opportunities including state champion football, and a world champion robotics team who is very active in the community.
The roads have big potholes that need badly to be replaced.
It is an okay place to live.
Crime is rather low in Clarkston and the overall city and community is not threating in the slightest.
Clarkston is a fairly nice place populated by not quite as nice people (very privaliged). The high school had a very nice enviroment and the academic and extra curricular sides to it were very benificial. The only other public amenitiy of not is the library which is a very lovely place with a very pleasent staff of people working there, they have to deal with alot of cranky people on a day to day basis.
Such a close and tight sense of community. Always see people that you know
I personally know a lot of the police officers and see them a few times a week. Very nice and personable
I love this town, the school's are great, great community life. So much to do and so pretty.
The school district I, along with my siblings, attend is fantastic. I feel the educators are all very committed to their jobs, and it is reflected back on them by our above-average test scores. This town also experiences very minimal crime. I've found it very easy to make friends and feel like I'm an active part of the community. I sometimes get the urge to move to a big city with so much hustle and bustle, but the more I think about it, I've decided that my little suburban town suits me just fine.
I've met many of my friends here even though they only consisted of my last four years of school. The people here are creative, smart, cooperative, and optimistic. I've lived most of my life in Holland, Michigan and I would say it was a very nice and relaxing place. It was a transition from a trailer park to an actual house in a beautiful neighborhood.
This is a wonderful town to live in, it is close to the parks and beaches, the schools are excellent. There is a diverse population in this city. You feel safe walking down the streets and everyone knows their neighbors.
The road commission is pretty slow in responding to the dirt road maintenance, and the paved roads are an eyesore, but that's most of Michigan.
The neighbors are great. They are hardworking people from what I can see, and I see them outside, working on their yards on a daily basis.
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It's okay because it's a pretty safe area, so no organized meetings are necessary.
The only reason that it's not the best is due to the road I live on (it's a dirt road). In the winter, there are many people who frequently get stuck if there has been a great snowfall. Other than that, it's not too bad in terms of the weather.
McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell for the fast food restaurants. Hamlin Pub bar, which is an excellent bar with a wide open space and great atmosphere.
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