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The town of Imperial is so fun! It's right next to the Mississippi, so you can always take a nice walk down by the river. Imperial is also home to 2 amazing schools, both that are very nice and have amazing programs. In Imperial, you are never truly that far away from things which is very nice. You are easily a 10 to 15 minute drive to the grocery store, and you can easily access medical clinics and urgent cares easily as well. Imperial is also right next to the quaint little town of Kimmswick, which is very old school and has many heartfelt people, and amazing food! Imperial is really the full package deal!!
I have a cop residing at the top of my subdivision. The police come rather quickly if called to homes. They are a bit slower for traffic accidents
I have lived here since I was born. People come and go and it is growing consistently.
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Not many crimes in this area because it is farther away from the city. The police station is also about 10 minutes away in an emergency.
The area is safe and beautiful to live in.
There aren't many problems in my neighborhood, however the teens do like to hang out at one house, but the cops have made their presence known.
My first home was a terrible place to live, so my new home is fantastic!
The crime rate seems to be pretty low as far as thefts etc. This is a rural area but you still see Sheriff's Deputies patrolling.
New subdivisions are being built and new family oriented businesses are opening. Imperial is a great area for outside activities and to raise a family. It's a pretty close net community with a lot of support for the schools.
We've not had any major trouble in our community with Crime
My family moved here because of a job transfer. We would move here again if given the chance
When we moved in, we all really liked the area and still do
Most of the people that live here have been here for many years
I don't see very many crimes committed in our subdivision
I think this area will continue to grow. The schools here are awesome!
The area is pretty safe. While there have been home break-ins, most of the crime around here isn't violent. The police seem to be responsive enough, but we don't have a neighborhood watch. For the most part, people here are fairly safe, although there does seem to be a decent amount of drug flow through the area, it doesn't affect me.
There are quite a few parks within driving distance, and they are all pretty green. In fact, most of the parks are green enough that if you sit on a bench long enough, you might get lucky and see some deer or turkey walk by. There are tons of wildlife parks in Missouri, and the pollution in my area isn't too bad. As far as accessibility goes, if we take a step out back we are in the woods, and yet still within an easy drive to St. Louis. All in all, the nature here is great.
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For the most part, our area isn't the most well manicured place, but there tends to be a lot of space. Also, there is a ton of tree's and greenery, and it makes our area very beautiful. I also don't live in a high traffic area, so while we do get some traffic, it's not that bad. I would say that overall, most people who live here would say that the plant life makes the place a pretty happy and peaceful place to live in.
In the winter, its freezing cold. In the summer, burning hot. Fall and spring have a very short, 1 to 2 week window of being the perfect temperature before it becomes freezing or burning. In the winter time, people here head to a warm building or heater. In the summer, air conditioning is a must. Therefore shorts and coats and sweaters and sunglasses are all major parts of the wardrobe. As far as natural disasters go, tornadoes are the biggest issue, and we usually get 2 to 4 big tornadoes that do a decent amount of damage, along with some thunderstorms and the very rare blizzard that does damage, but not much else. We have droughts and earthquakes on occasion, and sometimes the Missouri river floods and backs up water ways, but the biggest issue is always tornadoes.
The food here is okay, with tons of chains such as Panda Express, McDonalds, and Applebee's, as well as a few mom-and-pop restaurants and bars such as Gator South, but the nightlife, as far as I know, is non-existent. Although I might be a poor indicator of the nightlife as I am not old enough to drink and not particularly interested in going clubbing.
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