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Imperial has a great atmosphere. There aren’t too many people but it also isn’t too in the middle of now where for there to be nothing at all. It’s a great place.
Safe area to live and for kids to play outside, parks with trails and playgrounds, trees to make it feel more suburban
I love living in Imperial! You are close to everything, but are still a good distance away, and traffic is never terrible. The schools are great, as well as the community. Imperial is extremely family friendly and has great parks, schools, and stores. The community is also extremely safe. First respondents care about all people, especially the students. It truly is a great suburb along the river! Life here is simple, and amazing!
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It feels like I live in the country, we see stars, we sled ride down big hills, we have a National Wetland close to the house, we have a creek close to the house where we discover things, swim,and fish. It has been an awesome place for my kids to grow up. There is a park 5 minutes away with great trails and a large creek, playground and picnic areas. The is a recreation complex within 15 minutes. Historic shopping and dining in Kimswick 10 minutes away.
Close knit community that has a small town feel, but since it is only a 25-30 minute drive to downtown, you're close enough to everything without being smack dab in the middle of it all.
This is a great community. Very friendly people. Great restaurants. Not much for retail. DMV office is very helpful. Good small grocery. Medical services are plentiful.
People are friendly and helpful. There are several stores around the area so it is easy to buy food and other stuffs. The management are good.
I've lived in Imperial my entire life and although the area is very conservative, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love the nature around my neighborhood and the peacefulness you wouldn't find in a city. The commute time is pretty terrible if you want to go into West County or Downtown, but it's worth the sacrifice. The school system isn't terrible, but I do go to private school because my family can afford it and I wouldn't be able to reach my full potential in the Fox school system.
Imperial is very nice. We are not on top of each other and there is the lovely Mastodon Park! Going to the creek is nice during the summer and perfect for photos or small parties. We also have Frankie Gianino's, which is delicious!
Imperial is very nice. The area is booming. There are tons of new developments showing up everywhere! The schools are great. I feel very safe here. Homes are affordable and commute times are good.
Not much to do in Imperial. You have to go into either Arnold or St. Louis County for any activities. Love that it is usually pretty quiet. Crime has risen in the last few years.
The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery has levee high apple pie ( the tallest piece of pie I've ever had)!
It's a nice place to raise a family if you can tolerate Jefferson County Hoosiers, but don't expect much in the way of nightlife.
Imperial is a safe place to live. People are friendly. Imperial has beautiful neighborhoods and houses. It has many stores close by and it's closed to the airport. Imperial has great restaurants around.
I live in quiet little subdivision. We are secluded and have nice neighbors that try to help each other out. We are not far from stores no matter where we go.
There is a pretty clear police presence. We don't really see the crime issues, but we hear about it.
The general area is pretty run down, but there are some nice subdivisions. You can build and live here for much cheaper than in the city or west county area. The people and the schools are pretty good, but there is a lot of very under employed and unemployed people that contribute to the down trodden areas. There are no "nice" places in this area and you have to go one or two towns over to go somewhere nice.
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We have great safety in our area.
It feels great and safe to me.
I feel very safe in my neighborhood.
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