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I love Hymera.
I find the people truly kind, Hard working.
The water department went out of their way to help me more than once.
Small town suits me fine.
Not one traffic light.
Horses walking down the road on occasion. ATVs up and down the road. Polite people. Fireworks sold near by. Several church's.
Good schools, my grand children go to.
My neighbors always waving.
Asking if they can help with anything, dropping off veggies in the summer.
I'm fine with small town living.
There is nothing to do in this area. We don't get tourist. There is nothing fun to do here
I wouldn't choose to live here again. There isn't many job options. I see the town keep degrading.
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The weather in our area is very erratic. One day it is cold the next hot. The winters are cold, spring is very wet, summer is hot, and fall is chilly. There is not chance of a natural diaster in our area
Our area doesn't have anyone unique options. We have all the major companies like Applebee's or Outback Steakhouse. The favorite dish of our area is meat and potatoes. There isn't much night life activity. Overall our little area lacks the nightlife aspect.
Our county was rated number one in the state for unemployment. Most people do in our area is drugs. We have a lot of coal miners and most people work in Terre Haute. The job outlook doesn't look great. The top employer would most likely be Walmart if I had to guess.
I live in a small rural community. We don't have anything fancy or extremely unique when it comes to restaurants. We have all major fast food chains 20 miles south of us. I can pretty much get everything i need if I head to Terre Haute
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