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As someone who has lived here my entire life Hutchinson is a good place. There are many beautiful parks to go to with your children. There is not much to do in regards to nightlife. We are a small rural community that takes pride in helping our neighbors.
I grew up in Hutch with lots of my family living nearby. Hutchinson is a very nice town. It is small but has lots of things to do there and if you can not find anything do to there it is in the perfect location to drive to a larger town to shop or do any other activities. It has a community college that brings college students to Hutch and brings diversity. My neighborhood was the best. My childhood was filled with playing night games with my neighbors and walking to the park to play baseball with my sisters and dad.
I love the feel of the town and how it has a small-town feel. Even though Hutchinson is a small-town overall, it is 1 hour away from both the cities and St. Cloud which provides plenty of opportunities.
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It's cozy, but not so small that there's nothing to do. It feels 'small town' enough to feel comfortable, but there's still plenty of mainstream stores to explore!
Hutchinson is a very close-knit community with many great parks. They have a nice sized school. There are many lakes and trails that offer great opportunities to get outdoors in the summer. Winters in Minnesota can be rough, but ice fishing is always fun.
Hutchinson is a great place to raise a family. Close enough to Minneapolis to have all the advantages of a big city, but far enough away to live a slower pace of life.
Hutchinson MN has: miles of trails, a nice, small (personable) college, a Walmart and Target, almost all of the fast food you can imagine, dine-in restaurants and other services. I said almost all of the fast food you can imagine because Hutchinson does not have a Wendy's. I would add one of those. Also, on the Ridgewater campus, or perhaps around town, I think they should have rent-able bikes. I would call Hutchinson a big town. You cannot easily walk to everything. Bikes would help out students who cannot drive get places faster, provide profit for the school, as well as an activity for some students, including myself, to use for leisure.
I love Hutchinson Minnesota. I would love to see more clothing stores to shop at. Growing small town and i love it!! Moved to here from TN for family & school. Wouldn’t ever go back!!
I love Hutchinson. After being here for approximately 3 years now, coming from Tennessee, this place is a huge milestone in my life strictly due to its economic opportunities. It is so well-driven, and "foreign" friendly.
The schools are decent and being rebuilt. Many new businesses. Low unemployment rate. Good paying jobs.
Hutchinson is a cute small town with around 15,000 people. The atmosphere is always friendly and the town is small enough where everyone knows everyone but there is still enough retail so you don't have to leave town to buy groceries. The public schools are very nice and big. But, Hutchinson needs to improve on diversity. There are many country people and views tend to be conservative and not welcoming
Small town living. Locals are not the average Minnesota nice. They are a bit more aggressive and nosy.
It's a beautiful town. Plenty of outdoor fun. Pleasant people. Great college town and industrial area. 3m is here and hti. Located right on the crow river.
I have lived in Hutchinson for a few years now. It has a small town feel while still having a few of the big city amenities. The people in the area are very kind and interesting. It is a clean town with good public services. I have enjoyed living here for the years that I have.
It's a great little town, everyone is friendly and always willing to help one another out. The school system is wonderful and I'm excited to see how their new high school turns out in the next few years. There's always events happening, whether it be community events at the fair grounds or neighborhood get togethers.
Hutchinson is very rural; it's its own little city in the center of cornfields that span an hour in every direction. The town was large, yet small, where everyone knew almost everyone. Diversity was lacking very, very much. Public schools are pretty decent, with public schools, a charter school, and religious academy available to young students, as well as a community college (Ridgewater College). Your safety isn't much of a concern in Hutchinson, but theft from vehicles and homes can be common, but usually they are just hooligans. The nightlife isn't the best, there are two bars that are popular among the young folk, but only a couple others where elderly frequent. Real estate is good. There are gyms, dance and martial art studios. Hutchinson is small, 9 square miles to be exact. Commute time is pretty good, though traffic can be backed up on Main Street. All in all, Hutchinson was a very good place to grow up, a good place to raise a family, but needs more diversity and nightlife.
Hutchinson is a quaint town with character and amazing people. It has a lively main street with many locally owned shops including a bakery, clothing stores, a painting experience, and many local restaurants. Being one of the largest towns in the area, it has the mall town feel, but many perks of the bigger city.
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This is a great town to live in, many things here that are easily accessible, an hour driving distance to many major MN towns.
While living in Hutchinson I never needed to contact the police, and I didn't see them often when walking around town. However I have been in situations where someone else called the police and they came in record time, showing an incentive to keep the community safe. And as stated before, there has been little to no crime that happened or was subtle enough where a news article wasn't needed. I have no concerns with anything, as most of the issues where minimal enough to where they were easy to ignore.
It was a good place to grow up, but I wouldn't move back. It had the small town feel, with small businesses and small downtown. The entire time I lived there no big crime occurred, and any drug activity is almost non-existent. Most people who live in the town work at either 3M or Hutchinson Technology, Inc. Due to the location it isn't used as a commuting town where people live but drive to a bigger city to work. Overall it was a great place to grow up with the low crime and decent education, however the iffy job security from lay-offs makes me hesitant to move back.
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