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Hurst is a great area! I think the thing I like most about Hurst is the school district. The school district happens to have amazing STEM and musical programs. The overall area is very calm and everything from food to shopping is right at your fingertips.
Extremely friendly town, over the past couple of years, they've began to renovate and add in new stores and restaurants. The city itself has greatly improved over the span of time that I've lived here.
Very nice and quiet town. It has a calming and relaxing atmosphere that effortlessly combines the tranquility of country towns and the perks of living near favorite restaurants and stores.
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Everything is "around the corner". Variety of restaurants and shopping options available. Great school district.
I've lived here my whole life and I can't imagine myself growing up anywhere else. It's not to crowded, but still city like, and it's not too country, which I find perfect. Most people here are kind-hearted and the community holds such a positive vibe. The services all around the city are pretty reliable and anything I need, I can find it right here in the city. I love where I'm from and where I was raised, that being Hurst, Texas. I would raise my own kid in such a great city.
Hurst is an excellent place to live. The people are kind and friendly. There is a lot of parks to go to and recreational activity centers are in abundance. The local food is fantastic and its usually fresh. The neighborhood watch is usually around and keeps all the Hurst residence very safe.
I love the schools and the opportunities they provide. The neighborhoods are safe and the community is still growing.
very quiet, calm , yet has everything accessible. Only 30 mins from Dallas and 15 from Fort Worth it's definitely convenient in that sense. Grocery stores very accessible from where ever you live. Not much of a night life but not too far from the night life.
Hurst is a great town to grow up in and raise a family. I've lived here my whole life. It's very close to other major cities such at Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Southlake, so there's always something to do.
I love hurst its the best city its really calm.
What I would like to see in the future if possible is to see more places where people can hang out or just do a lot of fun activities.
We moved to Hurst from out of state, so it is hard to compare it to other towns here. We like the amount of businesses and the nicely kept stores and neighborhoods. Hurst has many very nice and family-friendly areas, but some areas on the south side of town could use more development and upkeep.
Hurst is a great place to live within the DFW Metroplex! Hurst is very diverse and feeds into the state recognized HEB ISD school district. Hurst is very family friendly and offers many fun family activities at the many parks and the Hurst Recreational Center. Anyone looking to find a good suburb in the DFW area should greatly consider one of the many beautiful Hurst neighborhoods!
Hurst is a pretty town near Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The people are friendly and the area has good infrastructure. Housing costs and taxes are high. Overall, it's a nice area.
i love that it is a small town, not too much traffic and everything you need in the city is available. Malls, restaurants, local food and everything you need.
its a pretty good town , lots of involvement amongst the whole town a very interactive area. i love this area , such great times , such as the mall , hanging with friends etc.
love where i live its a great place. Like its growing so fast and it looks like its getting better and everything.
i recently moved to hurst within the last year, and ive loved the area and the people and the recreation center is very close and the benefits for the gym and the aquatics parks. ive really liked living in the hurst area!
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I love that the area is an older area and not much changes the schools are great and the neighborhood and the neighbors are friendly. Everyone are concerned about one a another.
I like the city of Hurst because there is literally everything that you need to live, and to be successful. It might not be the richest city, but I think it has a lot of opportunities in order for a person to have a successful life. Additional from that it is also in the middle of the major cities of Texas such as Dallas and Fort Worth which is great for tourism, and also there are lots of places to visit there. Additional from that it is also close to famous water parks and amusement parks such as Six Flags which makes it great. Hurst is a city of not too many people, but its close to places that a person coming to visit Texas might want to go.
I love the city of Hurst, although it is somewhat expensive, the city itself offers many things. The crime is really low and the schools are great.
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