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Huntersville is a family-oriented community with great schools and job opportunities for people moving here.
In Stokesdale, we barely have much local businesses around. Stokesdale itself is basically a small city out in the middle of nowhere, so not much people know about Stokesdale when they ask where I am from. But if I had to rate Stokesdale, I will say it is okay. There is not much to oversee around Stokesdale except a land full of houses and farms. I will say that there are a few amounts of retail stores around, but the local businesses will be covering about twenty percent of the city in my birds eye view. On the contrary, I am still new to Stokesdale even though it has been a good two years living around, and I have not looked around much so my estimate may not be true. But still all I ever see majority of my time around Stokesdale are mainly houses and farms. If some businesses want to set up a local place for an establishment, I recommend not setting over in Stokesdale.
There's no a whole lot for people that live out of town to do in Madison. Overall, it's mostly just small restaurants and local shops. However, the best time to visit would be on the first Friday of every month during the summer months to see the car show downtown.
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There isn't a large amount of crime in Madison. Surrounding areas, such as Eden definitely have higher crime rates. The biggest issue in Madison are the speed traps where police officers will sit and wait for passing cars.
The weather definitely follows all four seasonal patterns. In the spring, it's rainy and mild. In the summer, it's hot and rainy. The summer is also when the chance of dangerous weather, such as severe storms or tornadoes, is the greatest. The fall is chilly. In the winter, it's cold and rainy/snowy.
There is no night life in my area! However, there are plenty of restaurants. Most of them are locally owned though and the prices are very reasonable for decent food.
The area I live in is not very good for jobs. We mostly have fast food jobs and anything else that pays minimum wage. Most older people work in small-town and locally owned stores.
The local businesses in my area are pretty good, depending on where you go. My family owns a restaurant, and that area is much nicer than some other places. There are plenty of restaurants, but some have awful service and unreliable hours.
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