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Small and nice neighborhood, but there is virtually nothing to do in the neighborhood besides the pool or recreation center. The police here are also very bored and will look for anything to get someone in trouble for.
Very friendly community. Always lots to do whether it is swimming, biking, golfing. Many activities and opportunities for children and adults. Safe and quaint neighborhood. Not very diverse, in terms or race and religion.
Safe and family friendly. Nice library and pool for the residents. Close to freeways. Lots of local shopping nearby in Berkley. Houses are not very affordable though.
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Small city, with the best small-town feel in the suburbs of Detroit! Each season has reason to celebrate with friends and neighbors!
Huntington Woods is a very friendly community. It’s safe and the police is usually around. The houses are big and beautiful and it’s full of trees.
As far as raising a family, there are few places that surpass the quaint, tree-lined streets of Huntington Woods. A wonderful and safe community for children and their parents. Not much to do for the more adventurous type within the city itself but a short drive to either Downtown Detroit, or a bit further to Ann Arbor, make this a great spot to settle down.
Close knit community, centrally located, schools are highly rated . The school options include public and several private schools within a 15 minute drive.
our police/fire are top notch

very progressive and proactive chief
There is not a better place to raise a family.

amazing sense of community

great services

ever increasing property values
It's a little slice of the peaceful suburbs in a convenient location
Beautiful brick homes. Most are built after 1941. Every house is different, each with their own particular charm. You would be hard pressed to find a home for less than $250000 in this area. Most are between $300000-$450000 on average. There are no bad areas to reside in within our city.
5 stars! It is VERY safe to live here.
Face it. It's NOT Florida, it's Michigan. We have snow in the Winter. We have rain in the Spring. You have to like the 4 seasons if you live here. Buy boots and winter gear. Buy galoshes. But in the Summer, boy howdy, it is lovely!!!
If I could do it all over again, 30 + years ago, I would move into Huntington Woods. My kids say the same thing and want to come back here to live. It is the best milexmile1/2 area to live in the USA!
We are lucky to have a variety of great restaurants and nightlife in the area.
The jobs for the over 55+ market are slim. There is lots of discrimination towards people in this age bracket overall. I'm in banking and there are mostly people under 40 working in banking now.
Police come in 30 seconds when called. Same with fire. Local reps are good. State reps good.Governor Snyder best in nation!
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Our area, has everything you would ever want or need in a 2 mile area. You can walk or bike to the nearest school, church, hospital, pharmacy, grocery store, library, retail shop, movies, nail salons, gas, car wash, car repair, post office, DR office, dentist lawyer, CPA, shoe repair, restaurant, park, zoo golf course, tennis, recreation center, pool, senior center, skate park, gym, running track, etc etc etc you would ever want in life. The homes are beautiful and tree lined streets. What more would you want???
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