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I was born in Huntington Station , it is a very diverse community and it´s also very small so there is room for everyone to get to know each other and get along. I recommend living here for people with families and who do not want to live in a crowded area.
Cute and fun without being hipster and annoying. It's got enough things to do to keep you entertained plus a train that goes directly into the city. My favorite part is coindre hall - it's a wedding venue but also operates as a dog park.
This town has so many fun things to do. Aside from it only being about an hour from NYC and a 30 minute drive from Robert Moses beach, it is only a 10 minute drive from Huntington Village which has a multitude of adorable shops and restaurants to enjoy during any season. It also has very diverse and accepting high schools in the area, in addition to always feeling very safe no matter where in the area I am walking.
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I was born and raised in Hintington til my mid 20's. I got to know a lot of people and built great relationships with them. For the most part i always felt safe there and walking around by myself. There are good school and many job opportunities
Great experience! My mom was raised here. I was born and raised here also. My experience in this beautiful town has been the best. School is great and has given me the tools I need to persue a career in business. I would love to graduate and stay living in this beautiful town.
I’ve lived in Huntington station for 23 years. I have many great memories here, had a great educational experience, and will always call this place my home. Only downside is that some areas of Huntington station can be a little dangerous
The location is quite good as there is a lot of resources and opportunities here. The diverse background and people in this location is very great.
Huntington is a great place to live, but sometimes it just get boring so that motivates me to do more with my life like go to school
It's very peaceful, and not much happens around the town. The only issue I have, as a resident of 17 years, is that there isn't a lot to do once you get around to everywhere and everything. Other than that, this town is lovely.
Living and growing up in Huntington has been a great experience. Here, you can find apartments to live in with new ones being built to this day. In regards to education, if you are a family of low-income, you will be delighted to know that the school districts, HUFSD, and SHUFSD, provide free education, free or reduced lunch, and stores that are most likely close to your home.
I grew up here and it’s not what it use to be there is more traffic than usual and stop signs are never used. town code for noise is a joke but all in all it’s a good town there are good neighborhoods and bad ones just have to pick the right one.
pros would be that the town is close to the beach, the school district is exceptional with a high graduation rate, many people who have grown up here stay here and raise their families, and many small businesses make the town close knit. the cons would be that there is not much to do for the younger population- they have to leave Huntington Station to find something to do, the taxes are high, and the traffic can be highly annoying.
This town is what you make of it, there are plenty of hiking trails around to drive through, beaches are not far away. Food from all kinds of cultures in the village and not a bad night scene there as well. 1 hour train to Penn Station, the schools are great for public schools. Depending on the neighborhood, they are typically feel "safe" which is why I often go out for runs on my own or with my dog.
I have lived in Huntington Station all of my life. I had one of the best childhoods and am so glad this is where I live. The community, along with the nightlife are great. As I get older I am able to appreciate my town even more.
I enjoy Huntington in the summers, as it is a beautiful beach area with a lot of outdoor activities.
It is a great town that I have lived in for all of my life. It is filled with many great restaurants, parks, and other things to do and places to go. I attended school here all throughout my education until I graduated high school. It is wonderful being back in this neighborhood now that I have graduated college. It has only developed more places to go since I left.
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Good schools... Good area if you want to get involved with community activities. A growing community with good people. Town has a vast access of public transportation from busses, to trains... Very good public transportation system. What i like most is everyone is welcome, white, black, spanish, or greek very diverse, you can realy have a good time with no worries ...
I had a great experience growing up in Huntington Station. Attending Walt Whitman was a fantastic environment to grow as a student with incredible support from faculty. There are lots to do in Huntington including taking a stroll through Huntington Village which has an amazing nightlife atmosphere during the summer months. I would have to say, Huntington Station is a great place to start a family.
I grew up there and currently live there. Would not imagine myself living anywhere else. It is a beautiful town, with tons of activities for families, teens, and adults.
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