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It's a good place to raise a family. Small hometown.
The food is okay but not the greatest. We have two bars and two sit down restaurants. There is also a Subway, two pizza places and McDonalds. The only late night options we have would be the bars.
The employment in this area is alright. There are plenty of jobs. It is a small town so everyone knows each other, which makes it easier at small jobs. Everyone that i know that works in the town seem to like what they do.
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The business that i would say is okay would be the Market House. It is our local grocery store. The store has all the food you need. This store also has a pharmacy, hardware, pizza place, donut shop, and a radio shop. This is the most useful store i have been to.
While living here, you can experience all of the seasons. The weather doesn't really impact my life too much, except for extreme changes. In my wardrobe, I have clothes that are appropriate for every season.
There aren't a lot of opportunities in the area. Most people work in factories, at restaurants, in the school, or in small businesses. The top employers are probably the factories along with the fast food restaurants.
There aren't a lot of options within the area for really nice sit down restaurants or late night food options. There are a few bars, but no clubs. The restaurants that are here are family owned, and there isn't a lot of variety in food options.
There is a single grocery store here which also has a bank, hardware store, tanning salon, and pizza place included in it. There aren't any popular stores in this area besides the grocery store, but there are several little food places here. There is a McDonalds, Subway, and a couple of bars, along with a few mom and pop food places and a few pizza places. There is a bowling alley and a movie theater there and a few parks in the area.
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