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Small town, not much to do, but still close enough to places where there are plenty of things to do. Most people know at least most of the families on their street/the families that have kids the same age as their own.
The town of Hubbardston is a right to farm community. It is a small town with about 4,000 residents and lots of nature. The town is very quiet and relaxing.
If there's one thing that I really love about Hubbardston, it's the fact that it's so rural and secluded. As much as I enjoy the city, I would choose the country to live in every time!
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I know Hubbardston is safer than Massachusetts as a whole. I do not hear of any serious crimes, though the population in Hubbardston is low, therefore crime rate is low. The police are visible and readily available when needed.
Hubbardston is not a travel destination and there is not much to do around here, but I think that is why it is so charming. I am currently looking to buy my first home and I am definitely looking into the available houses here. Hubbardston is quiet, private, and everybody knows one another. What I love the most though is that I am able to connect with nature.
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