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The business are close so you don't have to run all over town looking for drug stores grocery stores and etc., even the U.S. Postal Service is close proximity.
Moved from Youngstown to Hubbard Township for the excellent school and safe living conditions. I also came for the land available for animals and kids. Close to park and playground.
Although I feel rather safe living here, there is an occasional car break-in or something small like that. We did have an unsolved murder in town which is scary and sad, but the police think it was a case of mistaken identity.
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Although I would rather live by the beach, where's it's warm, the weather is not too extreme here. There's not too much traffic or crime. My grandparents settled here when they came from Italy, so most of my relatives still live around here. Also it's nice to know your neighbors. So, if I can't live by the beach, this is the next best place!
Our local economy has been bad for awhile, but is start to look up. More bigger businesses are thinking of locating here.
We have everything you need in close proximity.
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