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It is a small town where everyone know everyone. There is always a friend around the corner and someone willing to lend a hand if you need one.
Houston is a small town where everyone knows everyone. I like it in my hometown. I would love to see the town thrive more and grow. There are many empty buildings throughout town that I wish had businesses in them. That would help the town immensely. It would give more job opportunities to many of the people around, and all around beneficial.
Houston Missouri is a small town and nothing like Houston Texas. But my connections to this town have made me realise and come to notice all the great qualities. I went to school here and very much enjoyed this small town. I live out passed houston but this is the town i go to buy groceries and meet friends. It's very homey and everyone knows everyone. This small town is more than just any other small town. The community as a whole is quiet and friendly and perfect for starting a family. I have spent 7 years in Houston and have grown to love it very much.
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Houston has lots of businesses, but not many jobs so many people has to go out of town for jobs. The safety isn't great. The people aren't very great either.
I like the fack that it's a very small tight nitch community and people here are very friendly. I think that having more of a night life would be great
No factories, no humane animal shelters, no anti declaw (toe amputation) vets , no pet friendly , anti declawing rentals, too much eating places, too much churches, no taxi service like Uber, and limited bus. service.
Too small of a town and a bad, dangerous place to live. The school is very poor, and most students drop out. There was a recent break out from the jail, right next to the school. Violence is not uncommon. Teachers are uneducated and horrible people. There are absolutely no jobs and the quality of the houses or apartments are very low.
Houston is a wonderful little town. The only thing missing is a coffee shop. Great place for kids and not too far from major cities.
Houston is an okay town. It is definitely not the best town I have ever been in, but is not the worst either. There are quite a few good food options.
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