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They dont call it the loan star state because of the flag its a rating it not called the state of hell for nothing
Many diversity through culture, food, and lifestyles. Very up to date modern city, with obvious pros and cons like many other development popular cities.
My overall experience was wonderful and still is wonderful. I’ve lived in Houston Texas my whole life and wouldn’t want it any other way. The way the city comes together for celebrations or even times of grieving, we are a family. We come together as one. The only thing I would want to see change is the bipolar weather!
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The sense of community here is like no other. You really do see great pride, and ample diversity. One incredible plus, among thousands, is the food. Houston's food scene is amazing. Also, the medical center is in a league of its own.
Having lived all over the United States, I have found joy in climates much different than Houston's. If heat and humidity don't bother you, I honestly see no problems with the area.
Houston is Amazing, A City the Truly never Sleeps! I love the Shopping the Resturants, and the Diversity
The air quality is a bit outrageous and a lot of people have allergies due to it. The heat in the summer can be overwhelming but overall I love to call Houston my home.
I love Houston feel as if they have a lot of programs and assistance to people that don't have the advantage to provide also, everybody so hospitality and will help out. I just wish there was more to do activity wise more amusement parks, beaches and events for adults. A week in Houston is very fun and enjoyable wish there was more space to ride scooters downtown.
I was born in Houston, Texas and my life has been great since the people here can be really nice and my neighborhood is really friendly. My memories are always happy since I'm fortunate enough to have most of my family and in Houston with me. Celebrating holidays is amazing here since a lot of people like to express the holidays by decorating outside and it's beautiful to see it happen. What makes Houston amazing is all the different people that come here and become part of the Houston family.
Houston is so diverse! There is definitely no shortage of places to eat or things to do. There is always something going on in all parts of the city. And the people are great and very welcoming. The city is also very proud of everything it has to offer...we are TEXAS!!
Houston is a very diverse city and there are a lot of opportunities for you to grow here professionally.
i was bored and raised in houston. there is so much culture on every corner. theres so much diversity, it's amazing.
I have lived in Houston over 10 years now. I love how affordable it is and how busy it is. Sometimes it is difficult with commute because of traffic, but at the end of the day you get to where you need to be. There is so many new things going on everyday, and it is very lively. It is very hot, but it is better then snow. I love Houston and plan on being here forever or a very long time. Houston is very busy and sometimes it feels like there is no rest. However, that is how a city is, it's very noisy with cars.
Such an exciting city, helping each other out and the events people attend make Houston so filled with energy.
Love bhakti yoga and the friendly Texans
· Like so many people from Texas, the state's identity flows through me like the free-flowing Dr Pepper that you find in ...about Texas? Your dollar stretches very far and there are tons of fun things to do here in Texas. You don't have to give up anything. If you like a certain .We explain what Texans love about their state. ... universities like Baylor, Houston, Rice, Texas, Texas A&M, ... When home is where you park it, the summer is beautiful because all the wild flowers grow especially Bluebonnets.every one is so friendly.we have great yoga community.
Houston is the ultimate place to go if you want to experience the different cultures of the world. There are so many different people from different backgrounds to meet!
Houston is a very diverse city, with culture displayed in many shapes and forms. The community never fails to show its piece of its culture through its food, sporting events, concerts, and even public events. Houston goes through many natural disasters, but even then the community comes together to repair and build a better future. There is constant building for innovation and change. This is why Houston attracts so many people as tourists as well as people looking to move here. We have community that loves their city and are extremely proud to call Houston home. People have their differences but our community is so diverse it is nearly impossible to not find someone with the same beliefs.
I have lived in Houston all my life and all I can say its the best city in Texas. There is a variety of things you can do around Houston. From different kinds of food, Rodeo Houston, NASA, the low cost of living and lastly the diversity.
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I think Houston is a nice place to live,there are various places where you can visit with friends and family.There are plenty of things to do.Like go shopping at the underground mall in downtown,go bike riding downtown,ice-skating ,Visit the Zoo lights,Aquarium,doing field trips to NASA , and many more things
Houston is the most amazingly diverse city with cultures that blend together creating one of a kind dining outings and family events. No matter the weekend the city is full of wonderful adventures.
My living experience in Houston has been great. For the most part we try to keep our city clean. Things I like about Houston is that when we have natural disasters the whole city comes together to help each other. One thing I think we can improve is getting more stable homes and food for the homeless.
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