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It is a diverse and beautiful city. People join together in order to keep the city alive. The food scene is immaculate.
Houston is a great place because of the amounts of diversity it has. There are all kinds or races and ethnicities and people with all sorts of lifestyles and backgrounds. However, if you're not used to driving in Houston is can be very scary because people tend to drive much faster than the speed limit. There is also "5:00 traffic" which lasts from about 4:00pm to about 6:00pm so it is best to stay off of the roads at those times if you're able.
It is a very fast pace city. People always seem to be rushing to get somewhere which leads to many cars out on the roads. There is a time in everyday when traffic is terrible. Besides those that, I enjoy the diversity of people and culture the city has to offer.
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I love it here great place for families. I have been here for several years and it has been nothing but wonderful. I am currently raising my daughter here and I am nothing but joyed.
The fact that there are plenty of opportunity for a long term career terms not to mention the avenue of resources that follow with that. The Thing that Need A change is more active activities for everyone to enjoy.
I have lived in Houston for over 20 years. I was born here but I have lived between here and Los Angeles California. I was a young girl when I left L.A. 21 years old. I love Houston because it is home to me. I have attended elementary, high school and college. I even fell in love here, got married here, and became a mother here. Now I am returning to college to follow my dream of becoming a chef. Houston has given me many opportunities to pursue my goals, and I can say that I have enjoyed having achieving them.
I think It is a great city for young people to experience life and their youth. This city is very diverse so people from every background or ethnicities. This city can be more affordable to live in than in other big cities. This city offers many different opportunities for people to pursue, it has a large population.
Three stars since there is a lot of traffic. but over all the city is nice. lots of parks to go to. nice scenery at night when the lights of the city are turned on.
It has everything to do and a lot of food options. There is something for everyone whether it is for adults or kids. It even has great shopping and tourists attractions if you want to visit. The weather is hot an humid mostly year round so outdoor activities is a frequent thing.
There are many food places that one can choose to eat at. The barbeque is very good as well as the Mexican cuisines. The people there are generally in a good mood and very friendly. Expect to have a good time visiting here.
I've lived here 10 years, moved from the Pacific NW, and never want to leave Houston. I love everything about the city.
My townhouse has a beautiful ambience, with a gorgeous pool and a free gym, I really love my area. Cypress has a nice suburban feel that gradually slips into a fast paced city. I have access to my favorite fast food places, but then I can retreat into the more restful environment of my neighborhood.
A big city with a lot of stuff to do. Some areas are more exciting and diverse than others but there are still things you can do pretty much anywhere.
it was a great experience for me.though i was only a visitor spending some time in my holidays it was one of my best trips ever.the place is nice the people are very welcoming.would love to visit again sometime.
Houston is a magnificent and diverse city that anyone is welcome. Houston has many places to visit such as Downtown which is by far my favorite place to go. It has tall buildings, many people on scooters, and people laughing and having a great time. Something I would change is to add more stuff for people to enjoy instead of more business buildings.
I love that Houston has a big museum district where you can find a variety of museums such as the museum of science, the museum of fine arts, children's museum and so much more. Also, I love that every Thursday you have the opportunity to go for FREE. That is something really interesting and something that you should take advantage of. A fun fact is that also around the museums there is a huge park called Herman Park where you can spend time with your family and friends. Coffee shops, restaurants, activities are also services that you can find in the park without going to far. On the other hand, I live like 30 minutes from the downtown and if you do not have a car it will be quite expensive to take an uber or another transportation to get there. So if you are planning to come to Houston it will be better if you rent a place near downtown so you can get a bus and go to your destination easily and fast.
Houston is very diverse. Houston has a growing economy. Houston has so many sights to see and different places to visit and tour. I love Houston.
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Houston is a nice place to live. Night life, Parks, plays for theatre, sports, Churches and a variety of other things one can do. Nice museums with colorful escapes, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, they even have a children museum along with the zoo. The Kemah boardwalk that's not far from Houston heading toward Galveston is another place to explore with live entertainment, waterfront restaurants, Ferris wheels and more. Plus in Houston there are places for live music with blues, pop and r & b concerts and then there is church for the whole family to gather. So I do enjoy Houston, Texas a lot it's been home.
It’s a great place where everyone treats each other like family . The downtown Life is bustling with energy. Every resident treats each other with respect and kindness even though the world is shaking at the moment Houston stands strong and united.
I was born and raised in this town and I can confirm that there is almost always something new to experience from food to entertainment to culture and art! The communities here are as many and varied as they are tight like family. Construction is a bit of an annoyance here, but it's not all negative, as even in just the span of one generation, downtown can be almost unrecognizable compared to its past self with how much progress the city has made.
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