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What I like about Houston is that the cost of living is cheaper than other cities and it's constantly growing. What I would like to see change is the commute time around the city because traffic is and bad and it takes awhile to get to places.
I have lived in Houston for the majority of my life. In my opinion, Houston is a great place to live if one is looking for a high quality of life. Houston offers a variety of restaurants that specializes in a multitude of cuisines, diversity, entertainment as well as affordable places to live. However, the greatest complaints concerning Houston would be the traffic, poor public transportation, increasing crime rate and the weather which can be unbearable at times to handle. Overall, if the positive qualities I have listed is what you are looking for in a city, I would recommend for anyone to visit in order to decide if the city would be a good fit for them but if the negatives are too great for one to ignore, then consider another city elsewhere.
Houston is a great city that is growing every day. Every culture you can think of is represented here. The Houston medical center is known for its contributions to medicine especially in the fields of cancer research and treatment. All things considered, I would say that Houston is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.
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I love Houston because I was born here, but it has many opportunities for work, and starting a life. You have so many resources and its up to you to grasp them.
I moved here and met so many amazing people. I can honestly say they changed my life and have affected my faith in God. I've seen the injustices in the city and the beauty. There is a huseful homeless communit, many underperformed schools with little to no funding, communities delapidating and begin gentrification, and a booming human trafficking business. At the same time , I've seen strong groups of people speak up and begin taking action because of their faith in God to fight injustices . They have walked with me through life and school. They have become family.
Home of southern hospitality, great food, awesome weather. It is a beautiful city with an excellent health care system. It's home to the largest health center in the world.
Houston is enormously diverse and the degree of income levels is also very wide. People are very proud to be from Houston and it's such a huge area. Houston is definitely filled with humble people who know they're not from the most fabulous or uppity city, but that's what people love about it.
I have grown up in Houston and lived here the majority of my life. Over the past 2 years Houston has done so much to reconstruct highways, roads and create new opportunities for outdoor activities. I think it is a great place to live and work!
I moved here back in 2009 from Los Angeles, California. My mom remarried and she wanted me to stay with her because she wanted me to finish college. I have got a job at a hospital as a Patient Care Assistant. The traffic is Houston is much better compared to other places like Los Angeles. There are lots of hospitals to choose from if you're looking for a job in health care. The weather is humid in the summertime. The cost of living is lower compared to other urbanized cities. It's hard to move around if you don't own a private vehicle
Houston is an extremely diverse city with many activities and places to visit! The weather can be bipolar at times, however.
Well I love Houston it's where I'm from but overall I would like to see some changes especially in my neighborhood when I walk outside I see abandoned apartment fields full of trash there's no youth center because the one we have dont encourage kids to do the homework or take SATs instead we have corner store with little inspiration to tell the next child you have the option to get out of the slums we were born here doesn't mean we have to stay
Received a job offer October 2013. I have been loving the city since without many regrets. Houston is a nice growing city with job opportunities. I can see me growing in multiple ways and can't wait to see what the future has for me here. Night life is pretty fair but I wish there were more jazz concerts in the park available or better advertised.
I live in Houston Texas with my family in about 9 years, I love Houston because they are many opportunity for me to study and develop my knowledge. The cost of houses are not too expensive to afford. One thing I would like Houston to change is the safety. I hope there are going to have security around the public areas, so people can live a happier and peaceful life.
Love NASA, most diverse city in USA, people work ethic inspires and the vast variety of different types of food
Its a great place to live, the other residents are nice and caring of one another. Here everyone treats each other like a family, a diverse one to be infact. There is always a job opportunity and fun things to do like go to the museum of natural science.
Wonderful city, very diverse. Lots of art, culture, food. Each of the neighborhoods, districts, and historic wards offer lots to do for visitors and residents alike. No weekend in Houston is the same. Additionally, the suburbs offer fun day trips, like shopping in the Woodlands, visiting Tomball, or checking out historic Beaumont. Additionally, the city itself is very close to Galveston Beach.
Easy access to any thing you need. Lots of shopping malls. and affordable grocery store like Aldi, HEB, Joe V'S smart job.
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Houston is great for anyone, and everyone. The city is diverse and offers many opportunities for anyone who might be homesick. It has a wide selection of foods, and events that will keep anyone entertained and happy. Every weekend there are at least a few interesting, fun, and cheap events available to the public. The only down side is the amount of traffic sometimes but even that can be avoided a little by taking alternate routes. Houston has a great family, and night life available to make sure to keep everyone happy of all ages.
Houston is a diverse city with the major industries of oil and gas. As an artist I notice that there needs to be more of an art community than there is now.
It's a quiet place and not much happens unless you go out looking for it which I like but the weather is bipolar. It's hot over here and I would rather live in a more cooler quiet place.
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