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Houston is full of opportunities; makes school affordable and accessible. Thankful for every chance to attend school without worrying about finances.
I like the diversity of the population in Houston, there are plenty of people to meet from all over the world, many restaurants with different cuisines.
There is a horrible public transportation system.
Houston is a very big city with so many great places to visit from restaurant to parks and places to relax. Even though it seems big to many folks, it can be a very small world when it comes to meeting Houston people. That is the best part about houston, meeting new people and the great weather. One thing I would say to improve is maintaining more beautiful green areas around.
The weather is horrible, but the diversity is amazing. If you love trying new types of food and meeting different kinds of people Houston is the city for you.
Houston is a large city with multiple subdivisions. Numerous amounts of college and universities. Houstonians are kind, helpful, and fun. I love my city because we are original for a lot musical styles, we have 2 of the best universities for pharmacy, and you'll meet people from all over the world. Whatever a foreigner is accustomed to back home, they'll find it in Houston. The only thing I would like to see change is our traffic. Due to the growing number of residents and the amount of construction, we should make our road larger.
Houston, Texas is a large city with many people and not many things to do. However, residents are able to find some way to make use of the ever-changing weather and little entertainment we have. Fortunately, we have many parks, museums, and restaurants. Our medical center is also one of the best in the world. If not the events in Houston, the friendly people add to its value. The proximity of most buildings and all the necessities is fairly close.
I love Houston. I have lived here non-consecutively for about 15 years of my life. There is so much opportunity here. The diversity in the city also allows for a unique break down of cultural barriers and makes the city a true melting pot of many cultures.
I have lived in this city for over 10 years. In my time here I have learned of the extremely violent crime wishing the area. Also it sucks.
Houston is so large that anyone can find what they are looking for from the city. It is great for raising family and is very diverse so you can meet many new and different people.
Better street planning and make public transportation accessible to all areas of Houston. Eliminate or lower the cost of using some of the toll roads. Some are pretty pricey.
I love Houston, it is where I grew up, its where i lived all my life. Its a big city, we have so many things happening everyday. We hosted the Superbowl, and we hosted many games for the Copa America Centenario 2016. We have many attractions, its the fastest growing city, and the largest in Texas. The neighborhood I live in, they're nice, good looking. The cops keep us safe, there is no drama around here. I love Houston for being the best city in Texas.
I moved to Houston in 2013 and have been pursuing my career in Substance Abuse Counseling. I love the food, the museums, the people. However, I have worked with at risk youth for several years and what I would like to see are more programs in the city for these kids to "rehabilitate" and get off the streets and away from crime. THAT is where the change happens.
I love houston as a city. When i was younger i did not appreciate it as much, but now that i am older i know that it has amazing history and many little hole in the wall restaurants that are amazing.
I love my city. Everytime I travel I am that much happier to be back home because there's no place like home.
Great place to live with lots of things to do.....heavy traffic and flooding in certain areas..... need better drainage systems.
Houston is an amazing town. It has the colors, the taste, you can get inspired just by taking a stroll at the park or even at the mall.
Houston is a diverse city. There are plenty of opportunities especially in the Healthcare industry. The economy is dependent on the unstable oil and gas industry, when its good-its really good, but the opposite is equally true. The city could use more outdoor activities for families,green space and sidewalks for people to walk on.
Here is my take on this city:

Houston's food scene is OFF THE CHARTS! You can find pretty much any type of cuisine here. Since moving, my husband and I have not visited chain restaurants like Chilis or Applebees because there are so many other options that in my opinion 3x better. We also learned there are taquerias on almost every corner/gas station and Latin/Mexican restaurants outnumber American restaurants by a lot.

Nightlife and entertainment here is also OFF THE CHARTS in comparison to other large cities. The are a lot of lounges and bars to hang out and the Museum, Theater District and concerts halls are phenomenal. You kind of have to pick and choose what to do here because there is so much you could not possibly fit it all in your calendar.

We HEART Houston!
Houston definitely lives up to it's name as the "Most Diverse City in America". From the various ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, and religions, it's not hard to see why it's considered the Melting Pot. Houston within itself is a remarkable city with much to offer. It's home to some of the most memorable landmarks, architecture, cuisines, and people.

Are you a sports fan? Maybe you'd like to check out a few of the local teams. From the Texans to the Astros to the Rockets, I assure you that you won't be lacking in entertainment. Feeling like a night on the town? Head to the Montrose district and try a few of Houston's signature hangouts. Or maybe you're just craving a bite to eat. There is a plethora of wonderful eateries to choose from depending on your personal taste. If you're longing for an exciting, life-changing experience, Houston is no doubt the place start.
Houston is the city that has so much diversity. To me, Houston carry's the idea of the "city to be in" through its buildings and its heights. Many civilians here think of it as a smaller reflection of New York City. Culture and entertainment makes up a big part of Houston. Many express their culture here though forms of art. The buildings and heights of Houston will have anyone amazed by the complexity and structure. H-town hold it down!!
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