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Very clean, quaint, charming neighborhood of State College, PA. Voted #3 in best places to live in the United States. Great public schools, very close to Penn State University. Cata bus allows for easy commute to downtown State College.
College town. No good paying jobs. You have to know someone to get into the university, which is the only good job in town. I grew up in state college it was a great place until they took out all industrial work. Lived in other areas as an adult, there are better places.
The people in this town are very friendly and willing to help. But the town seems to get swallowed up by the college students in it. It seems to be about the only thing this town is known for which to me as a person who grew up here is sad.
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Penn State University is the biggest employer in Centre County and offers great benefits to its employees. There are also many jobs in research, technology, business, etc. available in Innovation Park or at companies like Raytheon. Part-time work is plentiful, but much easier to find in summer before the students arrive.
There really is an outstanding variety of food choices in State College, especially downtown. There are many fast food places such as McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, and Subway. Once you hit downtown, there are also a number of international options--Chinese, Thai, Indian, Austrian, Middle Eastern, Greek, and many others. The Waffle Shop (3 or 4 locations) is the traditional State college breakfast place; they have the best pancakes and omelets in town. McLanahan's subs are probably the best lunch deal. I don't personally know much about the bars, but this is Happy Valley...I'd assume the bars are good. They're definitely popular.
There are plenty of large-ish stores. For general retail shopping, there are two Walmarts, a Target, and a number of smaller stores. Grocery stores are plentiful too--multiple Weis Markets and Giants. And there is also a Wegmans, which is in my opinion the best grocery store in town; good prices, wide selection, and the cafe is a popular meeting place. Options downtown include mainly McLanahan's and a couple international food markets, but there is a Walmart located just a short bus ride away. If you are located within State College, there's no problem getting anything you need at a store.
fitness clubs and health places are always open and able to enter
public services are helpful and are always available
It is really rainy and can get cold but it is not too bad
It is tasty and I really blends fast food well with local places
If you get a job with the university you're golden otherwise local jobs can be somewhat hard especially with the student population.
I believe that State College has a perfect mix in the business market. They have mostly local shops and local businesses run by people who are known in town. However some popular companies are sprinkled in all over town as well.
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