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Houma is a very small town, where everyone knows everyone. But at the same time of thinking everyone knows everyone, I believe there is so many more people to meet.
I like that Houma has everything you need. However, I do think that the malls and stores in Houma need to be fixed up and cleaned up. There is a Church's Chicken that still has not been renovated or taken down. The mall in Houma needs to be redone completely, and it should also be extended.
Great town overall! Just very little to do for the youth. Many restaurants and bars but, only 3 activities that don't involve eating.
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The people in Houma are very nice and welcoming. There isn’t a lot to do in Houma and it can sometimes be boring.
I would like to see changes such as, new food places and fun spots for kids to hang out. More opportunities there are to get out, the less people will do illegal activities.
Houma is a city filled with fun and colorful culture. The food is diverse, and Houma is known for its Cajun cuisine. There are many popular food places and stores, along with fun activities like beach volleyball, parks, and other things.
I have lived in Houma all my life. It is a city but it is also a community. Houma is a decent sized city but you still know everyone like family. With the cajun creole ties, you will see everyone coming together for crawfish boils. Though you might not know anyone, the people of Houma are full of southern hospitality making it such a great place to live. The only thing that I wish Houma had is a better downtown with more mom and pop shops. The downtown area of Houma is run down and struggling but I know if the family of Houma comes together we can make this downtown reflect our cultural roots.
Houma is a great place to be. High school sports are a must to watch here. There are many points of interest around the city. The one thing I would change is if the little crime we have would drop to none.
I've been in Houma for about 6 years now. It was a nice town when we first moved here. There really wasn't anything happening and it was even better that everything was so close by and you always have something to do here. But now, it has changed. Crime has increased and things are really getting out of hand now. A lot of the stores that were once what made Houma a great city have also closed down. It is still a nice city if you just want something small and it's a way for someone to get on their feet. But Houma, unfortunately, isn't a place to start a life anymore.
Houma is a nice town. It's not too big but we aren't small either. I would say it's just right. But we still know how to throw a party at Mardi Gras.
Houma is located in the southern part of Lousiana. It has a peaceful neighborhood. People down south are friendly. They encourage each other to take up opportunities. Everyone starts their morning with a smile. Houma has a good education system. Teachers here are helping. My teacher helped me through my difficulties.
Houma is a great place to live. Some crime but not too bad. The schools are good depending on where you live. Houma has a steady economy and is mostly oilfield based but commercial jobs are making a strong presence in the parish also. The people are friendly, the local hospital offers full scale of services including a cancer center, heart center, and women's center. The town culture is French Cajun and usually the local hobby, and past time is usually fishing. There is a night life here with local gatherings on weekend and evenings including outside music. The food is wonderful, and there are plenty of churches for the faithful. New Orleans is nearby with lots of activities and places to shop. Overall, Houma is friendly and charming.
I enjoy Houma, La. It is booming with tons of Cajun culture and wildlife. There is nothing like going out along the bayou to fish or finding an area to catch crawfish or crabs in. The local violence has increased over the past few years but nothing that a normal growing city doesn't experience! Visit and enjoy the great food and scenery!
I live in Houma. This small city/ town can be described as tired. We do not have anything really exciting besides food. Things can change here, but Terrebonne parish is too cut down on expenses to do anything for its people in Houma. Could live in a better place in the future.
A diverse community filled with opportunity for jobs with good schools for your children. Opportunities to attend nearby 2 and 4 year colleges. Friendly town with many helpful citizens. Local shops as well as big box stores. Seafood and unique cuisine make Houma the place to live and raise your family.
Houma is a small town located in the heart of the south. Houma is known for good Cajun cooking and family. Houma has the second largest Mardi Gras second to New Orleans.
Houma, Louisiana is a small town with friendly and welcoming people. Schools are okay and there aren’t many job opportunities, but there’s definitely a sense of community.
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There is not much to do here for kids. The mall does not have a lot of business there is one wing that is completely empty. It is a good town for people who want to settle down and have kids to live in. In town, there are plenty of places to eat out at and there are a decent amount of gyms in the area. In less you are as we say "down the bayou" then you are not far from any stores. Whether it is a Dollar General or Family Dollar. A store is always nearby if you need to get a gallon of milk. Also, Houma tends to have plenty of community gathers throughout the year.
houma is a fairly friendly little city with good scenery to look at when walking around. also having good neighborhoods and good school districts.
I absolutely love Houma. It is a small town where many families have known each other for generations and seemingly everyone living here. The blue-collar atmosphere also encourages hard work and commitment. However, being such a close-knit community, I would suggest more opportunity for employment when someone is not from here.
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