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Its a cozy town with friendly people. Most of the local businesses bend over backwards to be accommodating and it feels safe here.
Love Hot Springs. Friendly people, beautiful river you can walk along on sidewalk with your dog.
Home prices very reasonable and there’s a VA hospital for vets.
Beautiful old homes in valley and contemporary homes on hill overlooking valley.
Hot Springs is a quiet town with a close knit society. It is very veteran orientated and there are a lot of community events that honor our veterans. There are also other events that get the community involved in both high school activities and other events that will support the small community businesses.
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I've lived in many towns in South Dakota. Though it isn't miserable here or anything like that, I don't think it compares to the quality of life I have had in other places in SD. There is not very much to do around here, as the normal options get boring quickly. The local shops are nice and have almost everything we need, which is good so that we don't have to spend money on gas to travel an hour away and back. The school is not the greatest by any means. Some of the people here can be very friendly while others can easily be the opposite. I can't say that my experience here has been bad, but it has not been as great as the other cities I have spent time in.
Zero things to do for kids/teens
No jobs are available- the town is shutting down. It’s very closed minded with the good ol boys running everything. I’d keep driving.
Hot Springs is a very rural town with about 4,000 people living in it. It is known as a retirement home as the population averages an age of 50. It is also known as the veterans town as it proudly home to the State Veterans Home known locally as the VA. I have had a good experience growing up in Hot Springs as began going to the public school in the 6th grade. The community is very nice, friendly, and safe. The schooling has properly educated me and I believe the school and town as a whole have shaped me into a good person on the right path.
Warm Water Warm Hearts an Oasis in the Hills | Hot Springs, South Dakota

Walking around town there is a great mix of coffee shops, restaurants, book and antique stores. You can find just about anything here. The town is home to the Fall River Pioneer Museum, Public Library, Chamber of Commerce, and Evans Plunge all within walking distance from the motels.

If you happen to be traveling through or thinking about relocating, then Hot Springs has much to offer. Don’t forget to check out Highway 79 Brewery and Scratch Kitchen for great food with a microbrewery.

Me and my family moved to Hot Springs in 2010, and we opened a local business. We love the small town vibe, although I think the town could use some spicing up -- something to do at night, you know. Crime is very low, and you are close to plenty of outdoor activities. We enjoy living here, especially how everything is walking distance from everything else!
Growing up in hot springs for my entire life has been a huge struggle. if i was asked if its a good place to live i would look into that persons eyes and tell them honestly to run in the opposite direction. most people that live here do not enjoy living here, which makes it hard to have a great community, and especially as a teenager in high school, this place is a nightmare. so many recent graduates end up coming back and working 9-5 jobs barely making it by because this town failed them and all their potential.
Hot Springs is known as "The Veteran's Town" and is home to a the VA Hospital and PTSD treatment facility as well as a State Veteran's Home so the community is very supportive of our nation's veterans. I have been a resident of Hot Springs since I was 6 months old and it has been a community that supports and embraces both the youth and its retired community. I love traveling and visiting larger cities like Denver but no other place feels quite like home. People welcome you with open arms.
The police are good and there is low local crime.
The housing taxes are very high at the local level.
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