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I’ve passed through here a couple times and the overall feel of this town is disturbing. I saw drug needles everywhere. The police do little to nothing. There is no variety for any type of anything. Overall horrid town.
Pretty good place to live with lots of rural areas and farmland. Small town. I was born and raised here for 44 years and it's a good place to live with few job opportunities. Has a few factories as far as industrial and not but one restaurant and that's McDonalds.
I feel very safe here. Not much crime in this area, and the police are very kind.
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I enjoy the town I live in. I love that it is safe and full of friendly faces, however, there aren't many places to hangout socially. It can get quite boring. I don't foresee much changes in the future. This area will always be a small farm town.
I live less than a minute from the local fire department, we had a fire one day and we had the fire out before they were anywhere near being ready to make it to us. It took them around 10-15 minutes. The police aren't the quickest to get anywhere either. There are unneeded laws in the area as well, you are not allowed to have American Pit Bull Terriers in city limits, I think that is very unneeded.
There has never really been a problem with crime in my town. Maybe an occasional drunk or drug addict running around.
There are never really any bad storms, maybe a couple tornado watches in the spring, some decent snow in the winter, and it rains quit often year round. I like the weather here.
There are 4 main factories in this town. Dart, Sister Shubert's, Marazetti's, and Kentucky Chrome. Most people here work in those factories or at the nursing homes.
In this town, there is only a McDonald's and a Subway fast food wise, there is a small Mexican Restaurant and a pizza place. There are no bars or nightlife options.
There aren't many stores at all, there is one grocery store, one pharmacy, and two dollar stores. There are more "mom-and-pop" stores than there are big companies. You have to drive around 30-45 minutes to get to a mall. It is a very small town.
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