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Master planned area, family friendly. We moved to this area couple of years ago after exhaustive investigation of all pros and cons. Schools were a major driver as we consider it is the first sign that people living around prioritize or take responsibility on education and with good education comes the rest.
We have lived in horizon west for almost 4 years, we love it! Great safe location in Central Florida!
Police drive around the neighborhood daily. All services respond to phone calls quickly.
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There is so much to do. Disney and Universal are just around the corner. There are also tons of shops and restaurants available to go to. Such a large variety for whatever you feel up to do.
I loved living in this area, my entire family lives there and they enjoy it a lot! I really like how secure and quite it is. There is a lot of construction of new residencies, schools and stores which is awesome!
police are always around, at times they are slightly invasive actually in the neighborhood. People are getting pulled over practically from their driveway.
Traffic can be rough between 3-6 everyday, I wish we had less chain restaurants and more organic food options.. We need a Jamba Juice on this side of town!
The are I live in is very safe. However there have been mulitple break-ins in my neighborhood recently. Most of the time it is teenagers.
It's good but orange groves and forests being are torn down. There used to be a lot more open land and now there is a lot of construction and shopping malls. if I could change one thing it would be to have less construction and more land.
Police officers are a common sight in this area, and they are very responsive and helpful. They're very active in the community so everyone knows who they are. While every town has it's crime, I would say ours is well equipped to handle it appropriately. Not that crime is very prevalent in the area, and when something does occur, the police respond and react and answers are provided to the community.
I've never been a big fan of the Orlando area, but I have found a haven in the Windermere/Winter Garden area. It's so family oriented here and there's so many little spots around where you can always count on seeing familiar friendly faces and just overall good community fellowship happening. I would definitely say this is one of the better small towns in the country. Downtown Winter Garden in particular feels like a small town right out of the movies. I think this area is going to continue to grow and expand into something really impressive. I would really suggest this area to anyone.
This area is beautiful with nice people and nice neighbourhoods
Very nice area to live
Nice area with nice neighborhoods around. Area is growing ...
With a smorgasbord of employment opportunities and a wealth of cultural influences, this area is rich in steady growth and lifestyle activities.
As a whole Orlando is a very pretty are with lots of tourism. Most big attractions like Disney Land, Universal, and Sea World are easily accessible by highway. Overall the are are lots of new developments, but most grocery stores and restaurants are at least twenty to twenty five minutes away. Compared to other areas I have lived in before, this area is very nice and new, but most houses are also only inhabited over the summer which makes it hard to get to know people. In the future I think that more restaurants and stores will open closer to most of the communities. Furthermore, construction will also continue and the area will grow very rapidly.
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