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I grew up their my whole life its the best place in my opinion and it has been growing over the years. They have a carnival one a year at out very first church and a parade. Here in Horizon people are friendly some might be rude but what can i say people right. Crime rate is low and school are awesome for children. Also not far away from stores or mall outside of Horizon city. Overall Horizon city is a great place for you to live here.
horizon city has always been a safe and comfortable city where there's always everything you need. It is a city full of friendly and generous people. A thing i dislike about horizon city would be the food variation in a big city like this.
what i liked about horizon city is that eveyone gets a long . theres diffrent type of people but we all seem to get along the schools are ok .
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Horizon was once a small town that is not growing vastly and has improved.
The las two years we’ve gotten more restaurants and now they are building a shopping center. Last year they finished building a providence hospital.
Horizon city is a very calm and quiet community. It's very peaceful and you can casually talk to anybody you meet given the chance. It would be better if we had more community together. They do have movie nights at the park every Saturday during the summer which is fun! I would like more events like this one.
Horizon is a small but growing town. The town of Horizon has plenty to offer with two high schools, plenty of restaurants, and plenty of parks and recreational facilities.
Horizon City is a safe place that makes everyone feel connected with one another. Horizon is growing each year, making changes to improve our area. My home has been the best place to live as I made my forever friends and made memories with my family that will stay with me forever. Horizon City is the place to be to have a pleasant time with friends or family, it will forever be my safe heaven.
It's a very safe town the crime rate is very low and it's perfect for those who want a safe environment. It is also expanding with a new hospital building having been built close by. The only problem is that major things such as a mall are very far.
Horizon City is a small but growing town. There is not much to do here but it's been a safe place to live and we've had no problems in the 11 years we've lived here.
I have lived in Horizon City my entire life and around six or seven years ago the town started to expand at a rapid rate. I attended both the school districts offered in the town and can say that I was pleased with the schools in the Clint district however, they lack many academic opportunities and the schools from the Socorro district I do not recommend because they have had many problems with bullying. The town itself is a very safe and quiet town however, due to the expansion of it there is a lot of construction and it can take quiet some time to get out of Horizon. I love the town despite the construction it has grown with me and I don' ever see myself leaving it.
We are a military family that has lived all over the U.S. We moved to El Paso/Horizon City in 2015 and we love it. Although the city is far from other big cities, we don't mind traveling. The area has plenty of things to do and places to eat and we found the people to be very welcoming. Horizon City is within the Socorro Independent School District, which is by far the best school district in the area. Our children have flourished in this school environment and it meets all of their needs. We liked it so much, that we plan on staying here after my husband retires from the Army.
In comparison to the newly constructed houses and streets, the older sections of Horizon City are lacking streetlights. There are certain areas that are extremely dark at night, and could be dangerous during inclement weather. Aside from that, the recent construction of shopping centers has improved the living circumstances. Horizon now has it's own Walmart Supercenter, which it was lacking for many years. There are now multiple eateries and fast-food establishments as well, and the options are only increasing lately.
However, due to all of the new construction, there is more traffic than usual.
The city is expanding and there are more communities. With all the establishments that they're building, maybe they should build a local bookstore.
Horizon used to be a pretty small town, but eventually it started growing bigger and bigger, day by day. Many different kinds of buildings, stores, and homes were being built, which expanded it.
What I like about Horizon City is that it’s small and you can hang out with friends because they all live close by like less than 10 minuets away and there are different restaurants to eat here in Horizon.
I would like to see faster construction. As it is, the area is getting a lot of traffic due to new homes being built. Not only is it a heavy traffic area, but the long construction projects do not help at all.
Horizon is quiet and removed from the drama of the city, which can be nice. However, there's not much to do, not many restaurants (especially not quality ones), and just about everything requires a trip into the city, which can be a hassle. The city is rapidly growing, however, and has potential. Also, it's really weird but the city has something against street lights because they claim you "move to Horizon to see the stars", which means a lot of the neighborhoods are dark at night and it's a pain to drive around at night.
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Living in Horizon City is great, the people are nice, community is different, there is a different variety of food and places to eat or buy from. I've lived in Horizon for about 4 years and all i have to say its a good place if you aren't looking for anything to big in a city. There is construction but that will be finished sooner or later, and the streets of Horizon will look even better than before.
Horizon City is a really small city located on the outsides of El Paso, TX. It is a really calm place to grow up in and almost everyone gets to know everyone by Board meetings, Coffee with the cops, and other cool community events that go on in the city or in some public schools. The people who live here are really nice and humble but there has also been rude people whom iv'e met before and live here. This was a really small city before and right now its really growing with shopping centers being placed around the town and more population coming in. I am honestly proud to be from Horizon
Horizon city is an excellent place to live. Most of the schools are less than 10 minutes away from most housing. It is still growing, new business are being built, which offers new job opportunities. The neighborhoods that are getting built are very nice, and the ones that are built are just as beautiful, with great parks and open fields.
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