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This is a small town where all of the citizens are involved with the town and care about its upkeep. Many families have lived here for multiple generations and are friendly and welcoming to new folks.
I love the untouched nature of the town. A lot of old historic buildings still standing, and beautiful foliage year round.
I recently moved to New England. Although the cold weather is terrible I feel that the cute little New England charm is definitely worth living here. Everyone is like family even when living acres away. Not to mention no billboards so you can really take in the beautiful New Hampshire mountains.
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Hopkinton is a great town to live in and grow up in. For a kid, it really encourages you to enjoy the simple life and spend time outdoors. I love walking, running, and biking the neighborhoods. There are no bad parts of town as far as I know. Getting involved in sports is common, great library, and great hiking trails. Right off the highway to ski mountains and Vermont. Not too far from Manchester, Portsmouth, and Boston. It is nice living right near Concord.
I like Hopkinton- it was a good place to grow up in, although there is not a lot of diversity. The school system is pretty good and I feel safe living in my house.
A beautiful small town full of wonderful people. There is plenty to do, from apple picking to handmade sign painting. Hopkinton harbors a strong sense of community, as everyone seems to know everyone. The school district is also very good.
This is a very safe town for children to grow up in. There are a lot of activities one can do outside, such as swimming and hiking. Also a very beautiful town.
A very quiet town with little diversity. The community is very close-nit and very welcoming. The scenery is beautiful and becomes breathtaking in the fall. However, there isn't much to do besides sightseeing.
I live in the center of town, right next to the beautiful Hopkinton Town Library. Hopkinton has beautiful walking paths and is very safe. It has everything you need, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants. Things that can't be found in town can be found in Concord, only 15 to 20 minutes away. It would be nice if there were more retail stores downtown, but the town is putting in new efforts to draw in business, and has been successful.
Quiet town, friendly people, good schools. Close to nearby cities for shopping and entertainment. Has a small grocery store and pharmacy in town. A couple restaurants too.
I do not have concerns with crime in this area. There is a very low crime rate but we have a community that is concerned with safety and pays attention to it. Police are friendly and engaged in the community. People know them and they are supportive.
This is a town that is friendly and inviting. People appreciate the history of the town and have town pride. There are two villages that have character, historic homes and small,local businesses. The community takes care of each other when there is a need. I would choose Hopkinton, NH again and recommend it to people. It is small but also large enough that there is privacy when wanted or needed. There is definitely a small town feel and we are very close to the capital of the state.
Most of the employment in my area is in the state capital. Most people in my area have jobs in the capital city.
I love the atmosphere of NH. coming from Massachusetts where the atmosphere is not great this is heaven. People here are very friendly.
I love this aspect about New Hampshire. They are very pedestrian friendly. I love to run and I never have problems with cars not giving me enough room.
I love the convenience of having such a variety of stores in my area. There are many local food stores like, Walmart, Kmart, Big Y, Market Basket and others. there are also lots of sporting stores like: Base Pro, Cabelas, Olympia Sports and others. So I am well pleased
The crime is very low in this area, I see police everywhere. On the news you don't hear to much about crime in this area, mostly in other areas. I am especially not concerned with crime because I live in the country on a farm, we don't even see to many people around.
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