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Hopkinsville is a-okay town. Safety-wise, it is better than towns in Kentucky I have visited. It is more populated meaning there is more stuff in Hopkinsville to do and to eat at than most towns in Kentucky. The people here are very friendly and connections grow very quickly. The schools here are okay. One public school is in bad condition, but if you have extra money to send your kids to a private school, that may be the best way to go.
We came to explore the town as an option for relocation. Saddened that we were met with disappointment. Housing, for its location to Nashville, Clarksville and Land Between the Lakes, is moderately priced and there are some super charming old ones in need of love. The town has a few charming local restaurants and has typical retail chains that a person would need and a variety of churches. That's about it for redeeming qualities. Run down, dirty and trashy was our overall impression. Not much to do for fun locally. There is a movie theater and we found one establishment with karaoke. Even the town parks were lackluster.
Need more manufacturing job opportunities other than retail and restaurants. In the downtown area limited public parking and abandoned, boarded up buildings. High crime rate. It is hard to drive through downtown. Watch for one way streets. If the train runs, blocks traffic. When this happens try to find alt. route and end up in the rundown not so safe side of town. Numerous housing projects. No pride.
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I enjoy the environment and how friendly people are around town. It's a place that has very low traffic and everything is near as well.
Hopkinsville is the picture of a small southern town. It is closely knit, and continues to grow everyday. However, with a majority of the population being elders, there is not much to do for today's youth. There are no "hangout" spots for teens to safely go and enjoy themselves. Most teenagers in the town only hang out in someone's house,which can get crowded very quickly, or on very sketchy country roads. If I were to change one thing about Hopkinsville, it would be it's attention to its youth. Without them, there is no future in Hopkinsville. So Hopkinsville needs to treat them with respect in order for them to want to call Hopkinsville their forever home.
The thing I like most about Hopkinsville is that everyone knows almost everybody and their family. One thing that I would like to see change is a place for the youth to go and hang out instead of roaming the streets.
The city of Hopkinsville in the state of Kentucky is a retirement town. It's good for an older community not for young people looking to be successful.
Hopkinsville is slow to grow falling behind in many areas such as jobs and diversity. Small town attitudes is not welcoming to outsiders even though it is very close to a military post.
Hopkinsville is a laid back small town community that I truly enjoy daily. There’s no hustle and bustle of a large city. We are located near an army base which brings a lot of military families to our community. We are a melting pot of sorts and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. I will admit there isn’t much to do in our town, but there is in the surrounding cities near us. We are a friendly community and a great place to retire or raise a family.
I've lived all over the US (military), and this is the only place I've hated. Most of the locals are neurotic as heck. Their friendliness is a lack of personal boundaries in disguise, and the women are an uneducated low income version of The Stepford Wives. This weird social structure is evident in the school system, and I'm convinced they fudge test scores. Cost of living is not as low as reported, because of so many hidden fees and outrageous taxes. Houses are overpriced for cheap quality of homes. There's a dark cloud hanging over this town. We've been here eight years, and I can't wait to leave.
Hopkinsville is a comatose, cultural vacuum. A "good old boys" network of out-of-touch cretins and their degenerate offspring hold power over a general population composed mainly of people who are either part of the city's problem or who lack the intellectual and/or mental capacity to recognize that there is one. Most enlightened people who stay in the area do so because they are tied down with family roots, can't afford to move to an area with a higher standard of living, or otherwise aren't in a position to leave. People in general in Hopkinsville either don't care about growth and advancement or else they're actively opposed to it. Hopkinsville is pretty much a cross-section of everything wrong with America.
As a 28 year old woman with no children. Its boring here. Jobs are few here. Unless a factory or fast food job is an option. Its a nice retirement city but it sucks for younger people. Also. There is a lot of crime that apparently nobody knows about. So yeah. Sucky town. Can't wait to move.
Good small town, but mostly unsafe and not a very friendly town. Not many job opportunities and very few places to go.
I married into the military; I am from Iowa and Joe was from California. My late husband Joe retired from the Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky with twenty-five years in the U.S. Army. Both of our sons served in the Army as well. We have lived here for over twenty years. We chose to stay here in Kentucky, which felt like a very good place to raise our family.
I love the family environment in Hopkinsville. The downtown area is fun and beautiful with old renovated buildings. The people are very friendly. It is very community oriented. I would like to see more retail businesses in Hopkinsville and more recreational thing to do for kids, teenagers and you g adults.
I was born and raised in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and have lived and gone to school here for my entire life. While the public schools are great when it comes to test scores they lack in teachers that enjoy teaching and have many glaring problems with the building neglected. Overall it is a relatively average town with upsides and downsides all around.
Hopkinsville is a very family-oriented community. This town constantly has play productions, dance recitals and church/ YMCA established sports going on all of the time. We are 45 minutes away from Nashville and 20 minutes away from both Austin Peay University and Murray State University.
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I'll keep this short, sweet and to the point. Everything needs to change including the backwoods thinking and education, waste of tax payers money on frivolous needs instead of what truly needs taken care of, and worst is I'm a native of Hopkinsville. My advice keep looking cause there are better places to live at least as long as this town continues to die.
My experience with Hopkinsville is a long life experience. I've lived here my whole life and enjoy the small town living. It is mostly farming families and factory families. I live in the rural part where the farming happens. Things I'd change would be, more things for teens and young adults to do.
Small town living located close to Fort Campbell! Close to great restaurants and shopping! Family friendly and a positive living environment.
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