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Hopewell Township is a great place to live and raise a family. The schools are great and the sense of community supports local life. The government is responsive and responsible. Residents are active, well educated, and support the environment.
All my friends and family live here, besides being a little boring most everyone was nice and welcoming here.
It's a lovely township with a mix of farmland and newer development. Homes are generally expensive but you can sometimes find a good deal. The schools have a good reputation but we have found that it works best for kids that are either really, really smart or really, really need help. Those who are in-between tend to get lost or overlooked. Lots of good recreation options in and around the township.
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The town is a very beautiful, upscale, farming community with lovely supermarkets and upscale mini-golfing developments. Because of its rural suburban nature, transportation is heavily reliant on driving, with minimum commutes of 20 to 30 minutes into towns such as Princeton and Newtown, PA.
I honestly love small town atmosphere. It is extremely kids and family friendly because there are often people who go out at night for family walks to their favorite restaurant. It give the small town feel but most of the people there have liberal tendencies. The fire department has wonderful volunteers. The town is part of a great school district and there are always opportunities to work, volunteer, etc. A lot of the businesses around the area readily employ teenagers. The community is tightly knit and extremely kind.
The community in this town is very active and great! Although as a college student I am mostly more concerned with my school information, my parents are very into learning more about the community and we have very warm and comforting neighbors to help us at any time. My little sisters have a group of friends to play with after school, and everyone is very warm in this town. People who live here tend to stay here for a long time.
As stated before, the family area makes this town one of the safest places to live. There have been drug problems in the high school, however I moved to this town after graduating and do not experience these first hand. The cops are reliable, and are very quick to pay attention to the law. There have been minor occurrences in the past two years I've been living here of law issues, however they were solved quickly. The roads are okay, but there are many potholes and a big circle in the middle of town that often causes accidents.
The atmosphere is very much a typical town. There are lots of highways around to get to other areas, however the communities make it very quaint. Because it's a town for families, most places typically close around 8-9pm. Overall, I like the area, although as a college student it can be kind of inconvenient when trying to find a place to study at nighttime.
I would live here again. There are generally enough places to shop and eat even though it's rural. Since it is rural traffic is not an issue.
This town is great. Everyone cares about the community.
Really nice area, not very diverse though. Expensive to live in.
As far as I know there is minimal crime in this area and when it does happen it doesn't have a huge impact.
For the most part the weather is good here, with only some bad times here and there.
The local supermarket is renowned for its great customer service, the restaurants are really good, and there are lots of little places where you can get all kinds of things.
Not much cheap stuff, but a wide selection of restaurants.
High class small businesses in the area. A ton of good restaurants and top quality grocery stores. It can be a little spread out, but everything you need is just a short drive away.
Clean, safe, and great for bicycling.
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There are four actual seasons in the area. Spring and fall are especially nice.
Lots of people like to come back here to raise their own children here.
There is not a large amount of diversity but it is not totally homogeneous either.
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