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The police are very responsive and seem to take care of the safety issue well.
I like the area because of all the shopping malls and places to go when there is nothing to do. I have only lived here for a couple weeks but I would say Terre Haute isn't a bad place to live.
Nothing bad really happens in the area. Fire-fighters are close, and that's good.
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This area is safe and close to everything in town.
The police can be seen driving everywhere you go, but seem to be slow in responding. Crime is like anywhere else, but not excessive in rates.
This area has little to offer in terms of entertainment, but it is close enough to other big cities to have day trips. If I could do it over I would live somewhere warmer. However, I see this town growing in size.
I live in a small subdivision, and we have had some suspicious people; but I have always felt safe. It doesn't hurt that a cop lives next door.
I love living here. In fact I'm going back to school in hopes of getting a job that will keep me here. I lived in Indianapolis for a time, but I didn't like it. I enjoy most places having parking lots, and easily being able to get about anywhere. No real rush hour traffic.
When driving around town chances are that you can spot a cop every five minutes; so visibility of cops is not a concern. Seeing as though most of the crime that occurs here is drug related, I feel reasonably safe.
I would never choose to live here again because of the high rates of drug use and addiction that surround the area.
Its a great friendly area where kids should feel safe. The school distrcits are excellent and the education provided is excellent.
If we stay with the same administration I see thing moving in the right direction for the future.
I live in an apartment. It is one of the cheapest apartments in Terre Haute, for someone like me who is a college student. I love on the South side of town, which is where everything that there is to do in this town is located. These things include resturaunts, movie theaters, shopping centers, and bowling allies. This side of town is always crazy busy. I Grew up on the north side of town, where there were a few shopping strips, restaurants, and schools. This side of town was quieter and not as busy. So if I could go back, I would definitely choose to live back on the north side of town.
The houses are mostly small, except for the little neighborhoods for the wealthy.
I like the food most of the time, but other times it is terrible. The service is also not very good.
There are plenty of places to get the things that you need to get.
There are quite a few places to go work out. They are a little pricey.
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There are a lot of run down homes people live in, they usually rent them and move from place to place often. If there is an event in the area lots of people go.
There aren't very many decent, affordable place to eat.
poverty is high, jobs are low
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