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Improve the general state of the city: infrastructure cleanliness, attractions and traffic. The city lacks a a welcoming atmosphere and in general boasts despair.
Homestead is a calm place overall near beautiful beaches and relaxing spots but every once in a while you may encounter very rude people.
It's not an experience,I'm a natural born Florida city resident AND ALL IN ALL
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I grew up here and I'm proud of the person I am, I don't know who I would be without where I'm from.
We have an AWESOME and very Underrated NASCAR Track!
Plenty on New Homes being built all over this town.
Traffic is getting bad however....
38 minutes to MIA.
15 minutes to the Florida Keys.
48 minutes to Hard Rock Stadium.
Nice areas, many different stores, great environment. Liveable! This is a great place to live. Indeed.
Though we might not have the best schools in the district, there might not be much to do, or it might not even be the safest place I’ll always consider it home. What I love most about it, is how diverse my community is. There’s never really any racial or religious hatred toward anyone because we’ve all understand that everyone has their own struggles and we are the same no matter what anyone else thinks. The one thing I dislike now is that our population is growing tremendously with so much more construction, houses, people, and the worst of all traffic but no matter what homestead Will always be my home.
Homestead is a great place for those who wish to live in a rural area. Homestead has a lot of good in addition to having its fair share of crime. Over the years there have been more reforms being taken by the building of new modern homes. This has allowed for crime to die down and new families and businesses to emerge. Overall Homestead is a great place to live and has great proximity to everything essential.
Love the affordability of Homestead! Although there is lack of nightlight, it is still nice to enjoy being so close to the water and easily accessible to the keys!
I like that it's close to the beach, the keys, and Miami night life. I wish there were more options for children's entertainment.
Homestead is a nice place. There's a lot of farmland nearby because of the Redlands but it's really starting to become a bustling city. Seems like they're building a new store or apartment complex every week so the property value has only shot up.
Small town atmosphere with big town amenities, the Historic Downtown (on the National Registry) includes a recently refurbished performing arts theatre (the Historic Seminole Theatre), a new multiplex movie theatre and parking garage including an active bowling center in same complex; a newly built City Hall and new Police Station. Coming soon, a refurbished downtown city park with outdoor café. Entertainment downtown includes festivals, parades, open air performances on park stage. Dining downtown includes family owned restaurants that provide a wide variety of food.
Homestead, Florida is a developing suburb which needs improvement and satisfactory conditions for a "normal life". Living here, I've never found any excitement in anything the city provides and I plan to leave as soon as I graduate. I am convinced that this is one of the worst places America has to offer. However, it has been a learning experience and I never would've known the things I know now if I lived anywhere else in the world. This place makes you appreciate the small things.
Homestead is a nice area to get started but not to raise a family. If you have family in Homestead it is a nice place to visit.
Homestead has a lot of good schools with a wide variety of food you can try. With the entertainment in Homestead, you'll never get bored.
Homestead is a very nice area to live. The area is growing and family friendly. There are many restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment for individuals of all ages. The community involvement is like no other place to live. There are football, baseball, cheer leagues for all ages. We have community parades which brings out the young and old. There are area reunions held where individuals who lived here decades before return and celebrate. You have the local rodeo in which thousands of spectators from all of the world take part in. There’s the 4th of July fireworks show which is held yearly and the Homestead Motor car events. I’ve invited individuals to the area and some families have chosen to purchase homes here in Homestead.
My rating is from May 2020, this city has grown Big-time, and there are thuggish groups of illegal, 4 wheel ATV, two wheel dirt bike and mini-bike riders, on the streets at all times, day and night, running red lights, cutting other drivers on the roads, and, you can't get a good night's sleep, and, the Police executives are not allowing Police patrols to enforce the law, in checking the illegal bike riders for warrants, ticketing them, towing their bikes.
The politicians and Police executives, have destroyed the quality of life.
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Started off as a really small town, but it's greatly expanding! Some even say its starting to become as populated and as busy as Kendall (a nearby city).
I wish for Homestead to change how much the rent is because the prices keep rising. It isn’t supposed to be rising because my mother, sister, and I live in a low income community. The other community that we lived in (in Homestead) had gunshots happen at night. I also want to see more fun attractions for people my age, such as cool bookstores like Barnes and Nobles or arcade places! Homestead is considered a family oriented place, as I don’t see much provocative sights here at all. There’s a Publix here with a Sedanos, so I’m pretty happy about that. Sadly, it is hard to find a job here in Homestead, so I’ve had to attain one online. When I attended schools here in Homestead, I got a decent education but the majority of the kids were mean. Overall, Homestead is an okay place to live in, but I wouldn’t want to live here forever.
Homestead is a good place to live if you’re a working family with small children. If you like to go out a lot and experience night life, Homestead is not the place for you.
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