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Born and raised in Holts Summit. It's a great place to raise your family with 2 elementary schools. It has several restaurants to choose from for dining out.
I just moved here. But from where I moved from I love this town the people are all nice. It is like I have lived here my entire life. Everyone has made me feel welcome. One thing I would like to see change is maybe put a movie theater or something to do.
Holts Summit is very nice in that you are literally spitting distance from Jefferson City, MO and yet you are not in the valley that gets flooded every so many years. The area is safe and the people are quite friendly, I'd recommend this to anyone moving in the Jefferson City area of Missouri.
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A quiet country like setting just mins away from the state capital. A small community where everyone knows someone, I wouldn't change anything about where I live.
There's a wide range available. You could live in a big middle-class type house or in a trailer, out in the countryside or next to the highway. The place we rent kind of sucks but the bedrooms are big and I've gotten used to it.
Everyone seems nice, if a little closed off. Not many people are out and about talking to neighbors and people are rude about where they park sometimes. Little league games at the park are pretty popular and there's a 4th of July event every year that a big crowd turns out for.
It doesn't seem so bad but a girl got shot through her wall a few years ago and I think they found a body behind a store once. Also I think a guy used to sell drugs down the road but he's been gone for a few years. It's not a bad neighborhood, quiet and everything, and cops and the fire station are quick to respond.
It's a small town, with exactly one (1) shopping area within town limits. People tend to gather for what few events occur, like the 4th of July fireworks show and kid's baseball games. I wouldn't choose to live here again since there's so little to take advantage of in town and no other town close enough without a car.
There's a few sidewalks along the main road, and I live within walking distance of pretty much every needed store. Despite the population size, the town is highly spread out, so some people wouldn't be able to reasonably walk anywhere. There's one stoplight in town, so no problems there, but exiting the highway is occasionally a problem around rush hour. There's no public transport unless you call someone in a nearby town.
It's Missouri. It changes often and I gave up trying to keep track of it years ago. It's best to have clothes for anything from negative temperatures to around 100, and an umbrella or rain jacket.
I live in a town of around 3000. Unless there's something tucked into an out of the way street, there's one diner and four or five fast food places.
It's a small town. If you don't have a car there's no way to get a job out of town, and almost all of the local businesses are located in one square.
there are few jobs for professionals in this area. There are jobs for warehouse workers and factory workers available. The State has been reducing Office jobs for years now.

This area needs more jobs for professionals. Many people who attend college move out of State after they obtain their Degrees.
Summers are very brutal in my area. Most of the time between May and August it is not only hot but very humid. Fall time, Winter time and Spring time are mostly nice.
I have access to everything I need in my area. WalMart, JC Penney, Kohls, Sears, Lowes, Menards, Walgreens, etc.
there is barely any crime in my area. A great place to live and raise kids.
Houses in my area are nice and well maintained. It is a good area to live in.
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Public transportation (rail and bus) needs to be improved in this region.
People are very family oriented and pet friendly. Most people were born in this area and eventually die here of old age. Recycling must be improved tremendously in this are. There are some recycling stations in the town of Jefferson City, buy they need to be more wide spread so everybody can recycle. In Holts Summit, there is one recycling station.
The parks and green spaces in my area are excellent. They are clean most of the time. Pollution is minimal. A great attraction is our Katy Trail bicycle and pedestrian trail, which reaches through a good portion of Missouri.
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